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Manufacturers' Warranties

We are pleased to demonstrate, sell, and support products from the following high end manufacturers. As an authorized dealer of these manufacturers' products, we fully support their factory warranties. For your convenience, we have summarized the warranty terms. Of course, manufacturer Warranty Agreements supersede our abbreviated descriptions, and warranties change from time-to-time. For specific terms, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer for a copy of the actual Warranty Agreement.

Note: While this listing is representative of what we carry it is not always completely current and obviously warranty terms can change over time. So for the most up to date information please call us at 781-893-9000
Manufacturer Warranty Terms (all products except as *noted)
ASC Tube Traps 1 year on factory workmanship.
Aesthetix 3 years.
Audio Research 3 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser or no later than five 5 years from the date of shipment to the authorized Audio Research dealer. Except vacuum tubes which are warranted for 90 days. CD players or transports are warranted for two 2 years from date of purchase and 4 years from date of shipment.
Avalon Acoustics 5 years against defects in workmanship & materials with registration card.
Basis 10 years.
Benz-Micro 2 years on cartridges 5 years on phono stages.
Billy Bags 10 years to original buyer.
Boulder 5 years parts & labor.
CinemaTech 5 years on leather from splitting or tearing. 5 years on frame construction. 18 months on electrical motors and systems.
Clearaudio 2 years on cartridges 5-10 years on turntables.
Da-Lite 1 year from date of purchase by the original owner.
dCS 1 year against faulty workmanship or materials.
Dynaudio 5 years against faults or defects in materials or production. Fully transferable.
Equi=Tech 3 years against defects in material or workmanship.
Escient 1 year service parts & labor.
Extron 3 years parts and labor. Cables:  limited lifetime.
Faroudja 1 year on processors. 1 year on rear projector TV's 2 years on picture tube. 1 year on  DVD and laser disc players.
Grado 1 year.
Graham 2 years.
Koetsu 90 days.
Linn 2 years parts and labor.
Magnum Dynalab 2 years on tuners and 5 years on receivers & integrated amps both parts and labor.
Martin-Logan 90 days limited. Optional 5 year with registration card.
MIT Lifetime: non-transferable limited against defects. *shipping not covered.
Moon (Simaudio) 3 years on CD or DVD mechanisms, 5 years on AV models and 10 years on two-channel models. Warranty cards must be sent in to receive full warranty. Full warranty is transferable only if purchased from an authorized Moon dealer.
Musical Fidelity With filled-in extended warranty card, parts and labor are covered for 5 years on preamplifiers, amplifiers, and integrated amplifiers; 2 years on CD players, X-components, and D/A converters. Original owner only with purchase from authorized dealer.
Nordost lifetime limited to defects in product or workmanship.
Parasound 10 years on parts 5 years on labor. 2 years on moving parts and labor. 10 years on in wall speakers on both parts and labor. 5 years on outdoor speakers for both parts and labor.
PS Audio 3 years on manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.
REL 3 years with registration card.
Richard Gray's Power Company 5 year limited.
Runco Plasma is 3 years parts and labor. Projectors 2 years parts and labor. Lamps 6 months.
Sanus 5 years.
Sennheiser 2 years.
Simaudio See Moon.
Spectral 3 years.
Stax 1 or 2 years parts and labor depending on the model.
Stewart Filmscreen 10 years on rigid screens and 1 years on flexible screens and mounts.
Tara Limited lifetime.
Target 90 days parts and labor.
Theta 5 years on Casablanca, Casa Nova & Citadel. 3 years on Dreadnaught & Intrepid. 1 year on motor & laser of Carmen, DaViD & Voyager 2 years on electronics.
Totem 5 years transferable on parts and labor.
Verity 5 years and transferable.
VPI 3 years on turntables parts and labor. 1 year on record cleaners parts and labor.
Wilson 5 years.
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