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A few unsolicited thank-you notes from our clients:


From: "S B"
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 10:36 AM

Subject: Letter of Thanks

Good Morning Alan.

On Saturday my wife and I travelled from upstate NY to your show room to purchase [a set of speakers]. Al Moulton handled the sale and his knowledge, courtesy and helpfulness were very much appreciated. I realize that you have many upscale clients, and never once were we made to feel out of place. Al spent a lot of time with us and made sure we had a chance to check out your facility and demo some of your high-end gear.
Far too often people go out of their way to critique services when they're sub-par, and don't bother to comment when the experience is exceptional. Al definitely made ours the latter.

Best regards,


From: "L K"
Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 11:58 AM
Subject: Blown Away

Hello Jim,

As you predicted, I was blown away by the sound of records played with the Benz Ace cartridge. I was playing records well into last night and again until noon today. The value the Benz retrieves from my record collection goes far beyond the price of the cartridge. My goal of sufficient sonic accuracy and detail to enjoy and differentiate between various violin timbres is met with ease. Additional benefits of dynamics and frequency extension add to the musical experience.
Thanks to you and Goodwin's High End for guiding me to a solution that turns my record collection into a music collection.
[Your original e-mail to me] was a very effective guide last week as I researched the cartridges (reading reviews and user comments on the web).  



March 3, 2005


I just wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for the wonderful service I have received from both Al [Moulton] and Jim [Fuller]. Both took time to help me with all of my questions and issues regarding my turntable and cartridge repair and upgrade.

I know it's not easy finding great help, but I have always been impressed with the care I have received from all of your employees. I am sure we will have many more business dealings in the future.

I look forward to shopping at Goodwin's High End.

Thanks again,



March 29, 2005


I want to tell you that Dana and your installation team did an excellent job here. They were right on time, very professional, efficient and neat in their work, and a pleasure to work with. As expected you all have a first class organization at Goodwin's.

Thanks again,




To: Paul Chambers
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 12:36 PM
Subject: My new Spectral DMA-100 Series 2 amp is great!

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to let you know my new amp is awesome! It is just what I was hoping for. Your description of the changes between the old and this latest version were right on the money. I am happy with the purchase and all the other system changes you helped me make.

I can finally listen and enjoy my system. I still need a cable and maybe some power conditioning so I will be in touch.




Subject: Musical Fidelity X-10 v3 Sale
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:23:25 -0500
From: John V.
I just wanted to say that the x10 makes an amazingly 
WONDERFUL difference in my setup. My friends and I did the A/B test 
this weekend and the results are palpable. Many thanks for your 
excellent service and the nice tour/advice you gave to me. When I am 
ready to upgrade my speakers, I will stop in to find you. 

Thanks once again. 

J V 



Also see also a review of a visit to the store by "Brad A."


Published on:
November 24, 2013

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