Goodwin's High End


Custom Room Design for Music Recording

The acoustical design of a room designed for recording live music differs from that of a room designed for music playback. Recording rooms usually need to be substantially more live in order to capture some of the room's acoustical space in the recording. The "liveness", or reverberation field should decay smoothly over time and not exhibit excessive slap echo.

Ideally, the room can be adjusted acoustically to fit different recordings. For instance, you would probably want to record a classical string quartet with more natural room reverberation than you would if you were recording an acoustical steel string guitar.

At Goodwin's High End, we built a custom-designed combination listening / recording room. This room has adjustable acoustics to suit its dual functions. Having this on-premise resource provides us a live music reference to facilitate the evaluation of our playback components and systems. It also allows us to compare different recording components, systems, and techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about high end recording you are welcome to give us a call. There is no question when recording acoustic instruments that doing so in a noise isolated, properly treated acoustic space makes all the difference in the world!

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