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Custom Room Design for Live Music Performance

Lovers of music also tend to be avid amateur or even professional musicians. If you are building a room for music practice or performance, the acoustics of the room will greatly influence how easily the musician (and audience) can hear. The acoustical design of such a room differs from that of a room designed for music playback. Live performance rooms usually need to be substantially more reverberant in order to retain some of the room's natural acoustical space. The "liveness", or reverberation field should decay smoothly over time and not exhibit excessive slap echo.

In addition to improving the room acoustics, you may want to consider extensive soundproofing. This will allow the musician to practice without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household.

If you plan on having a piano or other musical instrument, consider improving the room's acoustics to make practicing and performing more pleasurable. Also consider any soundproofing requirements that you may have.

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