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Can Room Treatments Really Help?

Absolutely! Many people consider their room to be as important as their components! Click here for an article about acoustic room treatments.

Note: While this listing is representative of what we carry it is not always completely current. So for the most up to date information please call us at 781-893-9000

ASC Tube Traps

ASC provides effective solutions for common room acoustics problems such as room boom caused by the excitation of room modes and primary/secondary reflections from your walls and ceiling. ASC treatments will result in better pitch definition, more extended and articulate bass, and a vastly improved, more 3D soundstage. Allocating some of your system budget to the proper treatment of room acoustics will dramatically improve the performance of your high end system. Unfortunately many high-end dealers and audiophiles neglect this important topic. We work closely with ASC to develop different room treatment options ranging from the most comprehensive to the most basic.

ASC products are available in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. For example, ASC Tube Traps (shown) are available in diameters of 9, 11, 13, 16 and 20" with corresponding lower frequency roll-offs to 35 Hz and up to 4' in height. Choose from 5 stock colors (Quartz, Silver Papier, Gray Mix, Medium Gray, Black) or from over 60 custom fabrics. ASC Color Samples. For photographic clarity, we have pictured the fractional rounds in green.


ASC Mobile Acoustic Room Treatments
Full Round Tube Traps
Standard height: 47.5". Custom sizes up to 48" are available at no extra charge. Taller models up to 6' are available, but freight charges may make these sizes uneconomical.
   9" diameter Tube Trap $Call.
11" diameter Tube Trap. $Call.
13" diameter Tube Trap. $Call.
16" diameter Tube Trap. $Call.
20" diameter Tube Trap. $Call.
13" diameter Super Trap. $Call.
16" diameter Super Trap. $Call.
20" diameter Super Trap. $Call.
Fractional Round Tube Traps
Call. ASC is discontinued most of their fractional round tube traps.
Custom Fit Series
Call. ASC makes solutions for custom-fit soffits and corner traps.
Wall Panels
Matrix Panel, 2'x4'. $Call.
Sound Panels. 2" x 8" x 48". $Call./set of 8.
Sound Plank 2" x 6" x 60". $Call./set of 8.
StudioPanel. 2" x 12" x 48" reversible. $Call./set of 8.

Five of our soundrooms are constructed with the ASC WallDamp system. The next time you are in our facility, rap your knuckles on one of the sound room walls and compare it to the sound of a wall in the hallway. You easily hear the effect of this system.






ASC WallDamp Wall Construction System
WallDamp Squares. $Call. per set of 25.
WallDamp Strips. $Call. per 100 feet.
RC Pads (3.5" long). $Call./bundle of 25.
Resilient Channel for walls. (dRC-1.) $Call. per 60 feet.
Resilient Channel for ceilings. (dRC-2.) $Call. per 60 feet.
Perimeter Gasket. $Call. per 25 feet..
Bearing Felt. $Call. per 25 foot.
Acoustic Sealant, 29 oz. tube. $Call.
Panel Adhesive.10.5 oz tube. $Call.
Stud Stabilizer. $Call.
Wall Wool, 16" wide batts. $Call..
Wall Wool, 24" wide batts. $Call. per 25' roll.
Soundproof Door Kit with Threshold. $Call.


We are a dealer for the ARS acoustic room treatment system. The system is comprised of acoustic panels that are mounted to the wall. A fabric of your choice is then stretched over the panels. This completely hides the acoustic room treatments (enlargement). Please call us at 781-893-9000 if you are interested in a "stealth-type" room treatment for your room.





GHE Custom

If you are looking for a complete custom room treatment, Goodwin's High End can design and install the room of your dreams. If you have visited our store then you will have had the opportunity to see and hear our high end reference room that we custom-treated for our own use. Of course custom is the most expensive way to go, so if one of the modular systems will provide the results that you are looking for then there is no need to go the custom route. However if you wish we can do a room for you similar to the one we did for ourselves here. Please call us at 781-893-9000 if you are interested in exploring this possibility for your room project.


(Some larger room photos are here, here, and here.)



We can design a partial or an entire room interior using the Performance Acoustic Labs acoustic room treatment system. If it is an existing room it is first  measured and a treatment program is designed. If it is new construction, which of course is the holy grail, then we will design the room to be constructed as well as the room treatment to be applied. A room is treated by placing various acoustic modules in the appropriate positions. Then the bass response of the room is adjusted by tuning the bass modules in situ with sophisticated computerized measurements. Various paint and wood finishes are available to match your decor.

Please call us at 781-893-9000 if you are interested in utilizing this sophisticated room treatment for your room. To see a larger image of the room above please click here.



RPG makes a vast variety of acoustic room treatments. Pictured at the left is a close-up of their Skyline diffusion panel. They also make the Room Optimizer software to aid in room design and system setup.

Below are just a few examples from their huge catalog!

RPG Acoustic Treatment Modules
RPG Abflector image tool acoustic room treatment. 48" x 19" x 6". $Call./ box of 4.
96" x 19" x 6". $Call. / box of 2.
RPG Skyline spatial tool acoustic room treatment. 2' x' 2' x 7". White. $Call. / box of 2.
RPG FlatFusor spatial tool acoustic room treatment. 2' x' 2' x 1". Gray. $Call. / box of 2.
RPG Corner Bass Trap bass tool acoustic room treatment. 2' x' 2' x 12.25". Gray. $Call. / box of 2.
RPG Room Optimizer Software. Version 1.0 $Call.
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