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We are a retail store with showrooms in which we can demonstrate our product and service offerings. And we do not sell via e-commerceas each client is unique, and each client's system(s) and room(s) are unique. So rather than have buttons that you can click to buy something, we prefer to talk things over with you before you make any purchase to ensure that what we are doing for you is the most optimal thing for you.

While we would like our website to be updated the minute anything changes in terms of products or pricing that is not our #1 focus. Our primary focus is taking care of each client and their system. So while we do publish some product information and pricing on our website, please understand that it is done as a public service. We strive for accuracy at all times of course, but practically speaking over the course of each year there are numerous model and price changes and consequently not everything is always up to date every day. Of course if you do find anything that is out of date please e-mail us. And if you would like to purchase a system or upgrade your present system the best thing to do is to call us and/or to visit us and speak to us in person.

» Due to the fact that models change and technology advances regularly, we are not responsible for outdated information or errors on our site. «

For your convenience, we have summarized our manufacturers' warranties.

High End Audio, Video & Headphone Products

We are pleased to demonstrate, sell, and support products from the following high end manufacturers.

For information about the products made by these manufacturers, click the little blue boxes below.

Manufacturer LP CD Pre Amp Cbl AC Furn Rm Oth
Aesthetix     Pre                  
AMG Turntables LP                      
Arcam   CD Pre Amp             Tun
ARS                     Rm  
ASC Tube Traps                      
Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO LP                      
Audio Physic                      
Audio Research LP   Pre Amp                
AudioQuest Cbl AC
Aurender   CD                    
Avalon Acoustics                      
Baetis Audio   CD                    
Barco             Vid          
Basis Audio LP                      
Benz-Micro LP                      
Berkeley Audio Design   CD               Furn    
Billy Bags                   Furn    
Box Furniture                   Furn    
Boulder   CD Pre Amp              
Christie             Vid          
CinemaTech                   Furn    
Clearaudio LP                      
Constellation LP CD Pre Amp                
Da-Lite             Vid          
dCS   CD                    
Devialet   CD   Amp                
Display Development             Vid          
EAR                 AC      
Equi=Tech                 AC      
Extron             Vid          
Finite Elemente                      
Grado LP                     Oth
Graham LP                      
Gryphon LP CD Pre Amp                
Harmonic Resolution Systems                   Furn    
Hegel   CD Pre Amp                
Innuos   CD                    
Kaleidescape             Vid          
Koetsu LP                      
Kubala Sosna             Cbl          
JL Audio subwoofers                      
Linn LP CD Pre Amp   Cbl       Tun
Lovan                   Furn    
Lyra LP                      
Magnum Dynalab                       Tun
MIT               Cbl AC      
Moon see Simaudio                        
MSB Technology   CD   Amp                
Musical Fidelity LP CD Pre Amp               Tun
My Sonic Lab LP                      
NAD   CD Pre Amp              
Nagra   CD Pre Amp                
Naim LP CD Pre Amp              
Nordost               Cbl        
Octave Audio LP   Pre Amp                
Parasound     Pre Amp               Tun
Pro-Ject LP                      
PS Audio                 AC      
PSB                     Tun
ReQuest   CD                    
Richard Gray's Power Company                      
Roon   CD                    
Rogue Audio     Pre Amp                
RPG Diffusers                      
Runco             Vid          
Salamander                   Furn    
Sanus                   Furn    
Sennheiser                       Oth
Shelter LP                      
Shunyata               Cbl AC      
Simaudio   CD Pre Amp       AC     Tun
SME LP                      
sona design                   Furn    
Spectral Audio   CD Pre Amp                
Stax                       Oth
Stewart Filmscreen             Vid          
Tara Labs               Cbl AC      
Theta   CD                
Torus                 AC      
Transfiguration LP                      
VPI LP                      
Wisdom Audio                      
Wolf Cinema             Vid          

Astell & Kern                        
Woo Audio                        


Custom Installation Products

We design multi-room custom installations that may use products from the following manufacturers. Because of the wide range of products available, and because we normally perform all the design and specification work, we have not individually cataloged custom installation products on our web site. Many of these manufacturers have their own web sites where you can find more information.

In addition to wired systems, we also install single and multi-room wireless systemswhich also may include upgrading your wireless ethernet network so that your system works in a robust manner. Whether for your primary residence, vacation home, or pied-à-terrewe can assist you with finding the right solution from manufacturers such as BlueSound or Sonos.

Alternatively if you have high sonic standards but need either a floorstanding or minimonitor wireless speaker, we have the new Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers which are an audiophile-grade wireless speaker solution.

Manufacturer Products
ARS Stretched-fabric concealed acoustic room treatment with Owens Corning panels.
Bay Audio In-wall and in-room speakers. Speaker specifications: in-ceiling; in-wall 400-series; in-wall 800-series; in-wall JM
BlueSound Wireless audio system for single or multi-room installations. Will play lossy compressed, CD Quality, and High Resolution music files—including CD Quality 44.1kHz /16 bitall the way up to 192kHz /24 bit.
Crestron High-quality touchscreen & touchpad control systems for audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security systems. Can integrate any and all systems into one custom-designed control interface. Crestron has quite a large portfolio of audio, video, and control products with which most anything can be accomplished!
Elan Speakers and multi-room audio control systems.
Draper Motorized room-blackening shades
Dynaudio Audiophile-grade wireless Dynaudio Xeo speakers. Wired in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.
Extron Video switchers and other video products.
FutureAutomation Lifts and mounts for flatscreens, projectors, and other equipment.
Inca Lifts for projectors and other equipment.
ImageCrafters Lighting, seating, and custom cabinetry.
Linn High performance stereo, A/V, and custom installation products.
Media Decor Mirrors and framed artwork to conceal video displays.
MiddleAtlantic Professional-style equipment racks.
NaimNet High performance IP-connected multi-room systems.
Netstreams IP-connected multi-room systems.
Niles Multi-room control systems, Infrared Repeater Systems, Speakers (in-wall, outdoor).
Parasound Better quality audio components which we sometimes use in custom installations.
Request Music servers.
RTI Remote control systems.
Séura LCD TV's hidden behind a mirror.
Silent Gliss Motorized draperies and window treatment tracks.
Savant Multi-room wireless remote-controlled systems.
Sonance High-quality speakers (in-wall, outdoor), Multi-room control systems.
Sonos Wireless audio system for single or multi-room installations. Plays regular 44.1kHz /16 bit CD quality files natively. Will also play lossy compressed low-fi 8-32kHz sampling rates as well as 48kHz CD Quality files. However no High Resolution files are playable as the hardware does not support the higher sampling and bitrates.
Vantage Multi-room lighting control systems.
VisionArt Flatscreen-concealing artwork.


Professional Recording Equipment

If you are interested in high end recording or mastering equipment, please direct inquiries to Alan Goodwin at 781-893-9000 x14 or e-mail him. With regard to the various types of equipment that we offer, here is a brief synopsis:

Microphones selection is an involved topic. Different instruments in different acoustic settings will require different microphones and different mic techniques. For more information please call.

If you are looking for a highly neutral microphone preamp we recommend the various models made by Gordon. They make both stereo and mono mic preamps.

For digital recording and storage for our own internal use we are using Samplitude software on a PC.

For analog-digital conversion the the best converter that we know of is the Pacific Microsonics Model Two A-D/D-A converter. Currently the Model Two is no longer available—however if you are interested in one please call for the latest information as we are compiling a list of people who would like one in case they are ever manufactured again.

With regard to monitoring we have a plethora of high end options available in order to tailor everything to your requirements. We offer components such as D-A converters, preamps, power amps, speakers, cables, etc. Please call to discuss your system needs.

With regard to room design acoustics, sound isolation, electrical power conditioning, grounding, etc., please call to discuss your particulars. You can also read more about these topics here.

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