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Turntables, Arms, Cartridges, etc.

Basis Benz Micro Clearaudio Grado
Graham Koetsu Linn  
Project Shelter SME Transfiguration

In this age of digital, why buy analog phono components?

Well for one thing we are living in the Golden Age of analog. The level of refinement that has been achieved in vinyl reproduction couldn't have even been dreamed of 20 or 40 or 60 years ago!

Several more reasons:

  • You have an extensive record collection on vinyl, and you cherish these recordings.
  • Your favorite recordings were never re-released on CD.
  • Careful listening to a well-setup turntable still has wonderful characteristics that even the best digital doesn't have.
  • You enjoy hunting for rare and valuable recordings in used record stores.
  • The quality of the best records being pressed today is better than ever.
  • You enjoy high-end purist recordings that are available only on LP.

Note: You will find onboard phono-sections and separate phono preamps listed under pre-amplifiers.

Note: If you are technically inclined, here is a link that will calculate the resonant frequency for a variety of cartridge/tonearm combinations.

Note: While this listing is representative of what we carry it is not always completely current. So for the most up to date information please call us at 781-893-9000


Basis Debut Signature turntable - blackBasis makes exceptionally good sounding turntablesand because of that they have become our most popular high end turntables. Pictured at the left is the reference-quality Basis Debut Signature. Basis also offers a series of upgrades to enable going to more advanced models.


Basis Turntables
Basis 2000 Signature Series turntable (visco-elastic suspension) (Clear). $Call.
Basis 2001 Signature Series turntable with fluid-damped suspension (Clear). $Call.
Basis 2200 Signature Series medium-mass turntable with fluid-damped suspension (Clear). $Call.
Basis 2500 Signature Series high-mass turntable (fluid-damped suspension).
2500 Diamond Signature (Clear). $Call.
2500 Signature (Black). $Call.
Basis 2800 Signature high-mass turntable with vacuum (record hold-down) and fluid-damped suspension.
2800 Diamond Vacuum Signature (Clear). $Call.
2800 Vacuum Signature (Black)  $Call.
Basis Dual Tonearm Signature Series high-mass Turntables.
2502 Diamond Signature (Clear) - 2 tonearms. $Call.
2502 Signature (Black) - 2 tonearms. $Call.
2802 Diamond Vacuum Signature (Clear) - 2 tonearms. $Call.
2802 Vacuum Signature (Black) - 2 tonearms. $Call.
Basis Debut Signature Series High Mass Turntable.
Debut Diamond Signature (Clear). $Call.
Debut Signature (Black). $Call.
Debut Diamond Vacuum Signature (Clear). $Call.
Debut Vacuum Signature (Black). $Call.
Basis Work of Art turntable.
Turntable with stand, several accent color choices. $Call.
Basis Tonearms, Options, and Accessories
Basis Vector Model 4 Tonearm. $Call.
Basis Vector Model 4 Tonearm with VTA micrometer $Call.
(note that the VTA micrometer is NOT a VTA adjuster per se)
Options & Accessories:
Cable Isolation System for Calibrator base, purchased with base. $Call.
Cable Isolation System for Debut turntables. $Call.
Synchro-Wave Power supply, Silver. $Call.
Basis Reflex Clamp (Black or Silver) $Call.
Basis Record Weight. $Call.
Basis Revolution Belt (standard) $Call.
Basis Revolution Microthin Belt (super high performance, extreme tolerance, highly damped.) $Call.
Basis Dustcover (non-Debut). $Call.
Basis Debut Dustcover. $Call.
Basis "Golden Touch" scratch-free polishing cloth. $Call.
Basis "Golden Potion" polishing fluid. $Call.
Basis bearing oil. $Call.
A Selection of Basis Turntable / Tonearm combinations

Basis 2000 Signature series, w/Vector IV tonearm, viscoelastic suspension. $Call.

Basis 2001 Signature series, w/Vector IV tonearm, fluid damped suspension. $Call.

Basis 2200 Signature series, w/Vector IV tonearm, fluid damped suspension. $Call.

Basis 2500 Signature series (clear), w/Vector IV tonearm, fluid damped suspension. $Call.

 Basis 2800 Signature Vacuum series (clear), w/Vector IV tonearm, fluid damped suspension. $Call.

Basis Debut Diamond Signature (clear) w/Vector IV tonearm, fluid damped suspension. $Call.

 Basis Debut Diamond Signature (clear) Vacuum, w/Vector IV tonearm. $Call.

Basis Work of Art turntable w/ Basis Vector Model 4 Tonearm with VTA micrometer. $Call.



Benz-MicroBenz Micro of Switzerland makes a variety of excellent sounding moving coil cartridges. They also offer trade-in or trade-up policies. Please call for details. Pictured at the left is the Benz Micro Glider moving coil cartridge.



Benz Micro Cartridges
Benz Micro MC-20E 2.5 mV high output moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Benz Micro MC Silver / MC Gold high output moving coil cartridge. $Call.
MC Silver is 2mV output.

          MC Silver – A smooth but articulate high output moving coil that gives a taste of high end balance and cohesion. Not warm, not bright, just right.

          MC Gold – slightly more detail than the Silver due to lighter, shorter motor windings

Benz Micro Ace S Class. $Call.
L is 0.4mV. M is 0.8mV. H is 2.5mV.

          – After a longish break-in period, this has the midrange cohesiveness of the Glider that makes it a natural sounding cartridge that is honest to the source.

Benz Micro Glider S Class. $Call.
L is 0.3mV. M is 0.8mV. H is 2.5mV.

          – All around performer with good tonal balance, lightning quick response, solid, articulate bass and good dynamics for the price. Not as airy sounding as the pricier Benz models, but a solid choice for most med/low mass tonearms.

Benz Micro Wood S Class - moving coil cartridge. $Call.
L is 0.3mV. M is 0.8mV. H is 2.5mV.
Benz Micro Ref S Class Copper  moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Benz SLR Gullwing moving coil cartridge. $Call.
 (0.35mV output), open air, ruby cantilever, brass body, S-stylus

           – Accurate, cohesive midrange, fast, articulate bass, twinkling highs but not extended out to infinity, more forward upper mid/lower treble than most Benz Micros.

Benz Ebony S moving coil cartridge. $Call.
TR, L or H (0.1, 0.26, or 2.55 mV output.

          – Rich, thunderous bass, nice tonal balance, never forward or aggressive sounding, detailed presentation but not as refined as LP.

Benz Micro Ruby 3 moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Ruby 3 is 0.35 mV output. Ruby 3H is 0.7mV output.

          – Softer sounding than other high end Benz Micros, warm, more yin than yang, good detail within that context.

Benz Micro LP S Class moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Available in medium output (0.35mV).
– Lush, full bodied, super-refined with delicate, extended and very balanced high frequency response. Excellent macro and micro dynamics.
Benz Micro Phono Preamplifier
Benz Micro Lukaschek PP-1 Phono Section. $Call.
Benz Micro Accessories



Clearaudio makes extremely good moving coil cartridges. They have excellent upgrade and retipping packages. Also, their stylus cleaning fluid is indispensable.

The Clearaudio Goldfinger V2 moving coil cartridge is pictured at the left.

Clearaudio MM Cartridges
Clearaudio Aurum Classic Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.

          – an unbelievably good sound for very little money, correct tonal balance, snappy bass, rich and solid midrange with wide, deep soundstage…almost too good to be true at this price.

Clearaudio Aurum Alpha Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.
Clearaudio Aurum Beta Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.
Clearaudio Aurum Beta/S Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.

          –  cohesive, clean midrange, warm overtones of wood with sparkle and polish. Plenty of detail and air. A best buy.

Clearaudio Virtuoso Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.

          –  outstanding midrange, lush and just forward enough, solid soundstage with precise imagining, deep bass and extended highs, esp. for a MM cart.

Clearaudio Maestro Moving Magnet Cartridge. $Call.

          –  tight, balanced, very good detail like a moving coil but with high MM output for better signal to noise ratio with less expensive phono stages.

Clearaudio MC Cartridges
Clearaudio Talisman Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.
Clearaudio Symphony Coil Cartridge. $Call.
Clearaudio Concerto Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.
Clearaudio Stradivari Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.

          – balanced spectrum, tonally perfect, dynamic and effusive, pouring out a rich mix of lush music, effortless sounding and a best buy.

Clearaudio DaVinci Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.

          – With the midrange cohesiveness of the Goldfinger, the speed of the Titanium, the DaVinci is a ceramic-coated aluminum beast of a cartridge. As neutral as any cartridge we’ve heard to date, the DaVinci stands to become a Clearaudio standout.

Clearaudio Titanium Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.

          – For a system lacking in brilliance or sparkle, the Titanium is lively, dynamic, delivering deep emotional and sonic impact. The analog air and life give this cartridge a deep and wide soundstage with precise air around each instrument.

Clearaudio Goldfinger V2 Moving Coil Cartridge. $Call.

          – A true reference cartridge with stunningly full-bodied, richly detailed stunner that makes every record played sound fuller, richer and more information-filled than any other cartridge we currently display. Very low surface noise.

Clearaudio Tonearms
Clearaudio Satisfy Tonearms
Aluminum. $Call.
Carbon Fiber. $Call.
Satin Wood. $Call.
Ebony Wood. $Call.
Clearaudio Unify Uni-pivot Tonearm.
9" - $Call.
12" - $Call.
"New" Universal Pivoted Tonearm. $Call.
"New" TT-3 Linear Tonearm. $Call.
"New" TT-2 Linear Tonearm. $Call.
Clearaudio Turntables
Clearaudio Emotion Series (Satisfy Aluminum tonearm)
New Emotion. Clear frosted acrylic with aluminum feet. $Call.
Emotion Color. Blue, red, or black acrylic with aluminum feet. $Call.
Clearaudio Performance Series (Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm)
Performance CMB. 40mm platter, black composite plinth (white special order). $Call.
Performance Magnum CMB. 70mm platter, black composite plinth (white special order). $Call.
Clearaudio Solution series (clear acrylic, 3-tonarm capability)
Solution Basic. 30mm platter, black acrylic star shaped plinth (clear special order). $Call.
Solution AMG Wood CMB. 30mm platter, panzerholz & aluminum star shaped plinth.  $Call.
Clearaudio Avant Garde  (Multi-layer acrylic)
Avant Garde. (base model). 40mm platter. $Call.
Avant Garde. Magnum 70mm platter. $Call.
Clearaudio Ambient series (Panzerholz & aluminum plinth, Satisfy Satinee wood tonearm)
Ambient. 40mm platter. $Call.
Ambient Magnum. 70mm platter. $Call.
Clearaudio Special Order Turntables
Solution. (no CMB) $2500. Solution AMG Wood CMB. $Call.
Master Solution AMG Wood CMB. $Call.
Aniversary AMG Wood CMB. $Call.
Maximum Solution AMG Wood CMB. $Call.
Master Reference AMG Wood CMB. $Call.
Statement Reference Turntable. $Call.
Clearaudio Accessories
Clearaudio Phono Stages.
Nano. Subsonic filter variable gain. $Call.
Smart. RCA in/out. $Call.
Basic Plus. RCA in/out. $Call.
Balanced Plus. RCA, XLR, Headphone, & Level. $Call.
Balanced Reference. Fully dual mono, RCA or XLR in/out, Volume in/out. $Call.
Accu Battery Power Supply. Add to Basic Plus or Balanced Plus. $Call.
Clearaudio Record Cleaning Machines.
Smart Matrix. Silver Finish. $Call.
Double Smart Matrix. Silver Finish. $Call.
Matrix. Black Finish. $Call.
Double Matrix. Black Finish. $Call.



GradoGrado makes moving iron phono cartridges and headphones.

Statement Series = 0.5mV

Reference Series = 4.0mV

Grado Moving Iron Cartridges
Platinum cartridge. $Call.
Sonata cartridge. $Call.
Master cartridge. $Call.
"The Reference" cartridge. $Call.

          –  warm and lush says it all, with rich and chocolaty midrange.

"The Statement" cartridge. $Call.



Graham Phantom II tonearmWe consider the Graham Phantom II tonearm with the ceramic armwand to be one of the top tonearms available today.


Graham Tonearm
Graham Phantom II B44 Tonearm Graham Arm Mount, MagneGlide, SW-5 armwand, cartridge spacer

9" Phantom II  $Call.

10" Phantom II  $Call.

12" Phantom II  $Call.

Standard Finish: Black w/matt chrome

Graham Accessories
Graham SW-1 aluminum armwand. $Call.
Graham SW-3.1 ceramic armwand. $Call.
Graham Phantom II - Arm Tube Only


9” arm tube  $Call.

10” arm tube  $Call.

12” arm tube  $Call.


Graham CA-3 Phantom II cartridge alignment gauge. $Call.
Graham silicone damping fluid in calibrated syringe. $Call.





Koetsu makes excellent moving coil cartridges.

Koetsu Cartridges
Koetsu Black Gold Line moving coil cartridge. $Call.

          –  a standby for all time. Balanced presentation, extended bass and high frequency response, cohesive midrange with bite and authenticity.

Koetsu Rosewood moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Rosewood Signature moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Urushi Vermillion (Red) moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu TigerEye Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Urushi Wajima moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru moving coil cartridge. $Call.

          –  another amazing performer from Koetsu with impressive soundstage presentation, including eerily correct height; high frequency response seems extended to eternity without brightness, providing the air and detail necessary to cleanly separate instruments from one another and provide deep space around each one.

Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.

          –  a world beater, one of the better cartridges our staff has worked with. Astonishing dynamics, realistic midrange tone, large, deep soundstage with crystalline high frequency response and subterranean bass. Mounted on some of the finest ‘tables in the world for many years. Reference quality.

Koetsu Onyx Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Rhodonite Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Bloodstone Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Coralstone Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Koetsu Jade Platinum moving coil cartridge. $Call.



Linn LP-12 turntableLinn makes three ranges of products: high performance audio/video products, including speakers, custom installation products which allow house-wide music, and one-box music or movie components.. Within these ranges, Linn makes phono components, digital components, preamplifiers, amplifiers, speakers, surround sound processors, cables, and tuners. The Linn Sondek LP12 is pictured at the left.


Linn Turntables and Accessories
Linn Majik LP12 turntable w/Majik power supply, Pro-Ject tonearm, solid base, and ADIKT cartridge.  $Call.
            Optional Dustcover $Call.
Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. $Call.
(Lingo Power Supply supplied separately.)
Black, Cherry, Rosenut, or Maple.
Linn Trampoline Base suspended base board for LP12. $Call.
Linn Solid Base base board for LP12. $Call.
Linn Lingo external power supply for LP12 (33/45 RPM). Black or Silver. $Call.
Linn Cirkus Kit main bearing upgrade for LP12. $Call.
           Linn Keel one piece solid aluminium sub-chassis, armboard and collar upgrade. $Call.
Linn Tonearms and Accessories
Linn Akito tonearm. Silver. $Call.
Linn Ekos SE tonearm. Silver. $Call.
Linn T. Kable upgraded silver tonearm cable (1.1m). $Call.
(1.7m). $Call.
Linn Cartridges
Linn Adikt moving magnet cartridge. $Call.
Adikt stylus. $Call.
Linn Klyde moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Linn Akiva reference moving coil cartridge. $Call.

          –  widely dynamic with rich, fat sounding strings on orchestral works, crackling bass response, midrange that seems you are there in the recording. Sparkling highs with no hint of aggression or forward tilt. Smooth and refined.

A Selection of Linn Turntable / Tonearm / Cartridge combos

Linn Majik LP12 (Black, Cherry, Maple, Rosenut, Walnut) w/MAJIK power supply, Pro-ject tonearm, ADIKT cartridge. $Call.

optional (and highly recommended) dustcover = $Call.

Linn LP12SE w/EKOS SE tonearm, Adikt phono cartridge. $Call.



Pro-Ject Debut Multi-color turntablePro-Ject makes a whole line of affordable turntables. The Debut Multi-color is shown in blue at the left.

There are many more models available than what is listed below. You're invited to call us at 781-893-9000 for more information.





Pro-Ject turntables
Pro-Ject Debut III turntable. $Call.
Includes pre-mounted Ortofon OM-5E moving magnet cartridge and aluminum tonearm.
Pro-Ject Debut III Multi-color turntable. $Call.
Blue, Yellow, Green, Violet, Orange, Piano Gloss Black, Red, Silver, Gloss White, or Champagne.
Pro-Ject RM-5SE turntable.
w/Pro-Ject tonearm, Blue Point Special cartridge.
Pro-Ject RM-9.1 turntable.
Includes carbon-fiber tonearm, has inverted thrust bearing.
Pro-Ject Accessories
Pro-Ject Speed Box II.
Provides 33 and 45 RPM control for models 1, 1.2, 2, 6, 6.1, Wood Classic, Perspective, RM-4, RM-6, and RM-9. Not needed for RM-6 SB. 78 RPM is possible with optional pulley.
Pro-Ject Speed Box SE.
Provides 33 and 45 RPM control for models 1, 1.2, 2, 6, 6.1, Wood Classic, Perspective, RM-4, RM-6, and RM-9. Not needed for RM-6 SB. 78 RPM is possible with optional pulley.
Pro-Ject Phono Box II.
MM and MC 53 dB gain phono section..
Pro-Ject Phono Box. SE
MM and MC 56.5 dB gain phono section..
Pro-Ject Tube Box II.
Tube-based MM 40dB and MC 60 dB gain phono section..
Pro-Ject Tube Box SE.
Tube-based MM 40dB and MC 60 dB gain phono section with selectable MC input impedance and discrete, dual mono circuitry with ultra low noise.
A Selection of Pro-Ject Turntable / Tonearm / Cartridge combos

Pro-Ject Debut III w/Ortofon OM5 phono cartridge (flat black/gloss black & colors).

Pro-Ject Debut III USB w/Ortofon OM5, internal MM phono preamplifier and analog to digital converter with USB output.

Pro-Ject RM-5 SE w/Pro-Ject tonearm, Sumiko Blue Point #2.


Shelter 301 II Cartridge
Shelter makes cartridges, step-up transformer, and cartridge accessories.

The Shelter 301 II moving coil cartridge is pictured at the left.

Shelter moving coil cartridges
Shelter 201 cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 301 II 0.4mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 501 II 0.4mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.

          –  a soft presentation, not rolled off at all, but rather as if it were shelved down above 8kHz but flat to above 20kHz. Good detail and tonal balance, and never too sharp a focus.

Shelter 501 II 0.4mV moving coil mono cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 5000 0.5mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 7000 0.5mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 301 Mk II 78RPM 0.4mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter 9000 0.6mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter Harmony 0.5mV moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Shelter step-up transformer
Shelter 411 MC step-up transformer. $Call.
Shelter Accessories
Shelter Carbon Fiber cartridge bolts  10mm x 2mm with matching polycarbonate nuts (set of 2). $Call.
Shelter Carbon Fiber cartridge bolts  8m x 2mm with matching polycarbonate nuts (set of 2). $Call.
Shelter non-magnetic cartridge mounting bolt kit w/4 bolts, 4 nuts, and one 2mm Allen key. $Call.



SME turntable/tonearm


SME makes excellent turntables and tonearms. The SME 20/12 turntable/tonearm package is shown at the left. Both the SME Model 30/12 (118 lbs.) and the Model 20/12 (74 lbs) turntable/tonearm packages utilize a 12" tonearm in order to further reduce tracking error as the tonearm traverses from the outer groove to the inner groove.

The original company was formed in 1946 under the title The Scale Model Equipment Company Limited to manufacture scale models and detail parts for the model engineering trade.  During the 1950's movement was away from model-making to precision engineering, principally parts for aircraft instruments and business machines.

In 1959, founder Alastair Robertson-Aikman required a phonograph pick-up arm for his own use and an experimental model was built.  It received such enthusiastic reception from friends in the sound industry that it was decided to produce it commercially and the first SME precision pick-up arm appeared in September 1959.  Production was 25 units per week, composed entirely of individually machined components.

SME now has over 60 years experience in high quality precision engineering, and the company's plant at Steyning, West Sussex, England is now probably the largest and best equipped devoted to the manufacture of precision pick-up arms and turntables.

The present manufacturing program consists of four precision turntables and twelve standard pick-up arms which, together with special models, offer a very wide range of application.


SME Turntable/Tonearm Packages
SME Model 30/12 Performance Package w/Series V12 12" tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model 30/2 Performance Package w/Series V tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model 20/12 turntable w/Series 312S 12" tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model 20/2 Performance Package w/SME Series IV-Vi tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model 10A turntable/tonearm package.  $Call.
SME Turntables
SME Model 30/2 turntable.  $Call.
SME Model 20/2 turntable.  $Call.
SME Tonearms
SME Series V tonearm.  $Call.
SME Series IV-Vi tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model 309 tonearm.  $Call.
SME Model M2-0 tonearm.  $Call.
SME Accessories

SME FD-IV.  $Call.

Provides fluid damping and arm height/VTA adjustment for the Series 309, IV, IV.Vi, and V tonearms. Black or Silver.

SME FD-IV damping fluid syringe.  $Call.

SME LCOFC Cable.  $Call.

Linear crystal copper tonearm interconnect cable. With 90 degree DIN plug. 1 meter

SME/van den Hul Model 501.  $Call.

vdH Silver tonearm interconnect cable. With 90 degree DIN plug. 1 meter

SME/van den Hul Model 501L.  $Call.

vdH Silver tonearm interconnect cable. With 90 degree DIN plug. 2 meters

SME 5899MCL Headshell Leads.  $Call.

Silver, litz coated wire, gold plated pins, 50mm length

SME Headshell (specify tonearm).  $Call.

SME Extra Heavy Counterweight (specify tonearm) $Call.
SME 20C Precision Record Clamp.  $Call.
SME 3mm Ball Wrench.  $Call.
SME HTA Key.  $Call.
SME VTA Screw.  $Call.

SME Finger Lifts (silver or black).  $Call.

SME Strobe Disc.  $Call.
SME Drive Belt. $Call.

SME DIN Plugs.  $Call.

SME M20/30 Suspension Bands (each).  $Call.
SME M10/20 Dustcover.  $Call.
SME M30 Dustcover.  $Call.

SME Aluminum Cartridge Spacers (silver or black).  $Call.

SME Cartridge Mounting Kit (stainless or black chrome).  $Call.



Transfiguration makes excellent moving coil cartridges. The Transfiguration Phoenix moving coil cartridge is shown here.

Transfiguration Cartridges
Transfiguration Axia moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Transfiguration Phoenix moving coil cartridge. $Call.
Transfiguration Orpheus moving coil cartridge. $Call.



VPI turntable VPI makes turntables, tonearms, and record cleaning machines.




 VPI Turntables
VPI The Classic Table turntable. $Call.
VPI Scout turntable. With JMW-9 tonearm. $Call.
With JMW-9 Signature tonearm. $Call.
VPI Scoutmaster turntable, includes JMW9 tSignature tonearm, Aires 2 platter, double Scout chassis, 300 RPM motor. $Call.
Add Nordost Valhalla wiring for $Call.
VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference turntable and JMW-9 10.5i tonearm. $Call.
Includes Super Platter, TNT mini feet, ring clamp and center weight, SDS speed controller.
VPI Aries 3 turntable. $Call.
VPI Aries 3 turntable with 10.5i tonearm. $Call.
VPI Aries 3 turntable with 10.5i tonearm, single motor flywheel. $Call.
VPI HR-X Turntable. $Call.
VPI HR-X Rim Drive Turntable. $Call.
VPI Record Cleaning Machines and Accessories
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine. $Call.
VPI HW 17 Pro Record Cleaning Machine. $Call.

VPI HW 27 Typhoon Record Cleaning Machine $Call.

VPI 1 oz. bottle of Record Cleaning Fluid concentrate to make 1 Gallon. $Call.
For best results, refrigerate concentrate and unused diluted fluid.
VPI HW-16.5/17 Vacuum Tube (velvet covered). $Call.
VPI HW-16.5 replacement brush. $Call.
A Selection of Popular Turntable / Tonearm combos

VPI Scout w/JMW9 tonearm. $Call.

VPI Scout Signature w/JMW9 Signature tonearm (damped tonearm w/Valhalla wiring). $Call.

VPI Scoutmaster w/JMW9 tonearm. $Call.

VPI Scoutmaster w/JMW9 Signature tonearm (damped tonearm w/Valhalla wiring). $Call.

VPI SuperScoutmaster w/JMW9 Signature ‘arm, includes outer ring clamp, speed controller. $Call.

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