Goodwin's High End


Schwann Basic Classical Library (4th edition - circa 1980)

Note: an *asterisk indicates 150 works deemed core repertoire



In this section we have included music from Gregorian Chant to the period known as High Renaissance (alternately Pre-Baroque). This covers the 12th-16th centuries inclusive. Music of the Medieval period is, for the most part, sacred and is characterized by the slow emergence of vocal polyphony and finally of the instrumental accompaniment to vocal polyphony. With the Renaissance, still 
more complicated and broader harmonic structures emerge, though the music is still largely liturgical. In both periods, secular music is basically of a dance nature and highly rhythmic - the melodies and harmonies being severe and simplistic.

BYRD, William                            *  Keyboard Musick
                                                        Mass in 4 Parts

CAVALIERI, Emilio de                    Rappresentazione di anima e di corpo

DES PREZ, Josquin                     *  Masses, Motets

DOWLAND, John                           Ayres, Lute Music

DUFAY, Guillaume                          Hymns, Choruses, Songs

GABRIELI, Giovanni                   *  Canzoni for Brass Choirs
                                                        Sonata pian' e forte

GESUALDO, Don Carlo                 Madrigals

GIBBONS, Orlando                        Church Music

GREGORIAN CHANT               *  (see Choral Collections Section in Opus)

ISAAC, Heinrich                              Choral Music

LASSUS, Orlandus                      *  Madrigals, Motets

MACHAUT, Guillaume de              Notre-Dame Mass

MONTEVERDI, Claudio                 Lagrime d'Amante
                                                    *  Madrigals
                                                        Vespro della Beata Vergine

MORLEY, Thomas                         Elizabethan Madrigals

PALESTRINA, Giovanni                 Motets
                                                        Hodie Christus natus est (Christmas Mass)
                                                    *  Missa Papae Marcelli

PRAETORIUS, Micheal              *  Terpsichore

TALLIS, Thomas                             Lamentations of Jeremiah

VICTORIA, Tomas Luis de             Motets
                                                        Mass: O Magnum Mysterium

WEELKES, Thomas                        Choral Music



The composers in this section date between 1600-1750. Music of the Baroque Era was characterized by vastness of proportion, rich counterpoint, great splendor and a highly ornamented melodic line. There is a breaking away from the severity of Medieval and early Renaissance music with emphasis on the use of great vocal and instrumental color. Secular music is now as much in evidence as liturgical music. The harpsichord music of Rameau and the instrumental music of Handel epitomize the precepts of the Baroque.

ALBINONI, Tomaso                       Concerti a cinque
                                                        Concerti for Oboe

D'ANGLEBERT, Jean-Henri            Pieces de clavecin

BACH, Carl Philipp Emanuel            Magnificat
                                                        Concerto in A for Cello
                                                        Concerto in E flat for Harpsichord & Piano

BACH, Johann Christian                  Quintets for Flute, Oboe & Strings

BACH, Johann Sebastian             *  Brandenburg Concerti
                                                        Cantatas (Nos. 4, 78, 82, 140, 202)
                                                        Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue for Harpsichord
                                                    *  Concerti for Harpsichord (1, *5)
                                                        Concerti for Violin (1, 2)
                                                    *  Concerto in D for 2 Violins
                                                        Fantasia & Fugue in G for Organ
                                                    *  Goldberg Variations
                                                        Italian Concerto for Harpsichord
                                                        Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
                                                    *  Mass in B
                                                    *  Passacaglia & Fugue in C for Organ
                                                    *  St. Matthew Passion
                                                        Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin
                                                        Suites for Orchestra
                                                    *  Toccata & Fugue in D for Organ
                                                        Well-Tempered Clavier

BUXTEHUDE, Dietrich                   Organ Music

CORELLI, Arcangelo                  *  Concerti Grossi Op. 6

COUPERIN, Francois                     Concerts royaux
                                                    *  Pieces de clavecin

FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo              Harpsichord/Organ Music

FROBERGER, Johann Jakob           Suites de clavecin

GAY & PEPUSCH                          Beggar's Opera

HANDEL, George Frideric               Arias
                                                    *  Concerti Grossi Op. 6
                                                        Concerti for Organ
                                                        Harmonious Blacksmith for Harpsichord
                                                    *  Messiah
                                                        Royal Fireworks Music
                                                        Sonatas for Flute or Recorder & Harpsichord
                                                    *  Water Music

LECLAIR, Jean Marie                     Concerti for Violin

LOEILLET, Jean Baptiste                Sonatas for Recorder & Harpsichord

LULLY, Jean Baptiste                     Ballet Music

MANFREDINI, Francesco             Christmas Concerto

MARCELLO, Alessandro               Concerto for Oboe

PACHELBEL, Johann                     Organ Music

PERGOLESI, Giovanni Battista        Stabat Mater
                                                    *  La Serva padrona

PURCELL, Henry                            Anthems
                                                    *  Dido and Aenas
                                                        Sonata for Trumpet; Trumpet Tunes

QUANTZ, Johann Joachim              Concerto in G for Flute

RAMEAU, Jean Philippe                  Ballet Music
                                                    *  Pieces de Clavecin

SCARLATTI, Domenico             *  Sonatas for Harpsichord

SCHUTZ, Heinrich                          Motets; Psalms

SOLER, Padre Antonio                   Concerti for 2 Organs

TARTINI, Giuseppe                        Sonata for Violin "Devil's Trill"

TELEMANN, Georg Philipp            Concerti (various)
                                                        Musique de Table
                                                        Sonatas for Flute, Oboe & Continuo
                                                   *   Suite in a for Flute & Strings
                                                        Sonatas for Recorder & Harpsichord

TORELLI, Giuseppe                       Concerti Grossi Op. 8

VIVALDI, Antonio                     *  Four Seasons
                                                   *  Concerti (for bassoon, oboe, flute, etc.)



In the music of this period we have again what amounts to a revolution against the musical trends of the preceding (or Baroque) era. To be sure, there is not a set date on which we might remark that here the revolution began. But we can see its beginnings in the music of the great transitional composer C.P.E. Bach, as well as in the products of the musicians who came to be known as the 
Mannheim School (Stamitz, etc.). Briefly, the characteristics of classicism are a concern for musical form, an intellectual rather than an emotional approach, concise melodic expression and clarity of instrumental color. The compositions of haydn and Mozart in particular exemplify the concepts of Classicism. This era culminated in the early music of Beethoven.

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van                 An die ferne Geliebte
                                                       *  Concerti for Piano (1-3, *4, *5)
                                                       *  Concerto for Violin
                                                           Missa Solemnis
                                                           Octet in E flat for Winds
                                                       *  Quartets 7-16 (*8, *14)
                                                           Quintet in E flat for Piano & Strings
                                                           Sextet in E flat for Winds
                                                       *  Sonatas for Piano (8, *14, 21, *23, 29)
                                                       *  Sonatas for Violin & Piano (5, 9)
                                                       *  Symphonies (1, 2, *3, 4, *5, *6, 7, 8, *9)
                                                           Trio in B flat "Archduke"

BOCCHERINI, Luigi                          Concerto in B flat for Cello

BOIELDIEU, Francois-Adrien            Concerto for Harp

CIMAROSA, Domenico                     Concerto for Oboe

DITTERSDORF, Karl Ditters von       Sinfonia
                                                           Concertante for Counterbass & Viola

GLUCK, Christoph Willibald               Orfeo ed Euridice

HAYDN, Franz Joseph                       Concertos in C & D for Cello
                                                           Concerto in D for Harpsichord
                                                       *  Concerto in E flat for Trumpet
                                                           Mass No.7 ("Paukenmesse")
                                                           Mass No.9 ("Nelson")
                                                       *  Quartets Op. 76 & 77 (*Op. 76, #3 "Emperor")
                                                           Sonatas (miscellaneous) for Piano
                                                       *  Symphonies (6, 7, 8, *45, 88, *94, 100, *101, 103, *104)

HOFFMANN, Johann                        Concerto for Mandolin

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus           Arias
                                                           Concerto for Clarinet
                                                       *  Concerti for Flute, K.313 & 314
                                                       *  Concerti for Horn #1-4
                                                       *  Concerti for Piano (*20, *21, *23, 24, 25, 27)
                                                           Concerto #10 in E flat for 2 Pianos
                                                           Concerti for Violin (#3-5)
                                                           Cosi fan tutte
                                                           Divertimenti in D, K. 136 & #15, K. 287
                                                       *  Don Giovanni
                                                       *  Exsultate, Jubilate
                                                       *  Magic Flute
                                                           Marriage of Figaro
                                                           Mass in C "The Great"
                                                       *  Overtures
                                                           Quartet for Oboe & Strings
                                                       *  Quartets (14, 16, *17, 18, 23)
                                                           Quintet for Clarinet & Strings
                                                           Quintet in E flat for Piano & Strings
                                                       *  Quintets in C & g, K. 515 & 516
                                                           Serenade No.6 "Serenata notturna"
                                                           Serenade No.7 "Haffner"
                                                           Serenade No.9 "Posthorn"
                                                           Serenade No.10 for Winds
                                                       *  Serenade No.15 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
                                                           Sinfonia Concertante for Violin & Viola K. 364
                                                           Sonatas for Piano (8, 11, 13, 15)
                                                           Sonatas for Violin (K. 296 & 454)
                                                       *  Symphonies (29, 35 ,36 ,*38 ,39 ,*40, *41)

ROSSINI, Gioacchino                         Barber of Seville
                                                       *  Overtures

SOR, Fernando                                   Music for Guitar

STAMITZ, Karl                                  Quartet in E flat for Woodwinds

WEBER, Carl Maria von                     Der Freischutz
                                                           Invitation to the Dance
                                                       *  Overtures



Extending the bounds of music beyond the restrictive formality of Classicism was the prime function of the musical period known as Romanticism.  Formal concern, intellectuality and concise expression have now been replaced by sentiment, imagination and effect.  The period of Romanticism culminates in "Impressionism" (Debussy, Ravel, etc.), a transitional trend which likewise forms the beginnings of music in the 20th Century.

ADAM, Adolphe-Charles                    Giselle

ALBENIZ, Isaac                                  Iberia

AUBER, Daniel-Francois                     Overtures

BELLINI, Vincenzo                             Norma

BERLIOZ, Hector                               Damnation of Faust
                                                            Harold in Italy
                                                        *  Symphonie fantastique

BIZET, Georges                               *  Carmen
                                                            L'Arlesienne Suites #1 & 2

BORODIN, Alexander                        Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dances

BRAHMS, Johannes                           Alto Rhapsody
                                                       *  Academic Festival Overture
                                                       *  Concerti for Piano (1, *2)
                                                       *  Concerto for Violin
                                                           Concerto for Violin & Cello
                                                           German Requiem [Ein Duetsches Requiem]
                                                           Hungarian Dances
                                                           Piano Music
                                                           Quintet for Clarinet & Strings
                                                           Quintet for Piano & Strings
                                                      *  Symphonies (*1, 2, 3, *4)
                                                           Tragic Overture
                                                           Trio in E flat for Horn, Violin & Piano
                                                      *  Variations on a Theme by Haydn

BRUCH, Max                                    Concerto #1 for Violin
                                                          "Kol Nidrei" for Cello & Orchestra

BRUCKNER, Anton                          Symphonies (4, 7, 9)

CHABRIER, Emmanuel                 *  Espana

CHAUSSON, Ernest                        "Poeme" for Violin & Orchestra

CHOPIN, Frederic                            Concerti for Piano (1, 2)
                                                          Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise
                                                      *  Piano Music (Ballades, Etudes, Nocturnes, etc.)
                                                          Sonatas for Piano (2, 3)
                                                          Les Sylphides

DEBUSSY, Claude                       *  Clair de lune
                                                      *  La Mer
                                                          Nocturnes for Orchestra
                                                      *  Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune
                                                          Preludes for Piano

DELIBES, Leo                                   Coppelia (ballet suite)
                                                          Sylvia (ballet suite)

DELIUS, Frederick                            Brigg Fair
                                                          On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring

DONIZETTI, Gaetano                       Lucia de Lammermoor

DUKAS, Paul                                    Sorcerer's Apprentice

DVORAK, Antonin                            Carnival Overture
                                                          Concerto for Cello
                                                          Slavonic Dances
                                                      *  Symphonies (7, 8, *9 "New World")

ELGAR, Edward                                Concerto for Cello
                                                           Pomp & Circumstance Marches

ENESCO, Georges                          *  Romanian Rhapsody #1

FALLA, Manuel de                             El Amor brujo
                                                           Nights in the Gardens of Spain
                                                           Three-Cornered Hat Dances

FAURE, Gabriel                                  Pelleas et Melisande

FRANCK, Cesar                                Chorales for Organ
                                                           Sonata for Violin & Piano
                                                           Symphonic Variations
                                                       *  Symphony in D

GILBERT & SULLIVAN                 Mikado
                                                            Pirates of Penzance

GIULIANI, Mauro                              Concerto for Guitar & Strings

GLINKA, Mikhail                               Russlan & Ludmilla Overture

GOUNOD, Charles                             Faust

GRIEG, Edvard                                   Concerto for Piano
                                                        *  Peer Gynt Suites

HUMPERDINCK, Engelbert               Hansel and Gretel

D'INDY, Vincent                                 Symphony on a French Mountain Air

LALO, Edouardo                                 Symphonie espagnole

LEHAR, Franz                                     Merry Widow

LEONCAVALLOO, Ruggero             Pagliacci

LISZT, Franz                                       Concerti for Piano (1, 2)
                                                        *  Hungarian Rhapsodies
                                                            Mephisto Waltz
                                                        *  Le Preludes
                                                            Sonata in B for Piano

MacDOWELL, Edward                       Concerto No. 2 for Piano

MASCAGNI, Pietro                            Cavalleria Rusticana

MASSENET, Jules                               Le Cid (ballet suite)

MENDELSSOHN, Felix                  *  Concerto for Violin
                                                         *  Midsummer Night's Dream, Incidental Music
                                                             Octet in E flat for Strings
                                                             Sonatas for Organ (1, 6)
                                                         *  Symphonies (3, *4, 5)

MEYERBEER, Giacomo                      Les Patineurs

MUSSORGSKY, Modest                    Boris Godounov
                                                             Night on Bald Mountain
                                                         *  Pictures at an Exhibition
                                                             Songs & Dances of Death

OFFENBACH, Jacques                   *  Gaite Parisienne
                                                         *  Orpheus in Hades Overture

PAGANINI, Nicolo                              Concerto No.1 for Violin

PONCHIELLI, Amilcare                       Gioconda: Dance of the Hours

PUCCINI, Giacomo                          *  La Boheme
                                                              Madame Butterfly

RACHMANINOFF, Sergei               *  Concertos for Piano (*2, 3)
                                                          *  Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
                                                              Symphony No.2

RAVEL, Maurice                                   Alborada del gracioso
                                                          *  Bolero
                                                              Concerto in G for Piano
                                                          *  Daphnis et Chloe
                                                              Ma Mere l'Oye
                                                          *  Pavane pour une infante defunte
                                                          *  Rhapsodie espagnole
                                                              Tombeau de Couperin
                                                              Tzigane for Violin & Orchestra
                                                              La Valse

RESPIGHI, Ottorino                              Boutique fantasque
                                                              Fountains of Rome
                                                              Pines of Rome

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, Nikolai      *  Capriccio espagnole
                                                              Coq d'Or (ballet suite)
                                                              Russian Easter Overture
                                                          *  Scheherazade

ROUSSEL, Albert                                 Bacchus et Ariane, Suite 2
                                                              Symphony No. 3

SAINT-SAENS, Camille                   *  Carnival of the Animals
                                                              Concerto No.2 for Piano
                                                              Danse macabre
                                                              Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso
                                                              Symphony No.3 "Organ"

SARASATE, Pablo de                           Zigeunerweisen

SCHUBERT, Franz                                Impromptus
                                                              Marche militaire No.1
                                                          *  Quartet #14 "Death & the Maiden"
                                                          *  Quintet in A "Trout"
                                                              Rosamunde: Incidental Music
                                                              Sonatas for Piano (D. 664, 959, 960)
                                                          *  Songs
                                                          *  Symphonies (2, 4, 5, *8, 9)
                                                              Trio No.1 for Piano & Strings D. 898
                                                          *  Wanderer Fantasie

SCHUMANN, Robert                           Carnaval
                                                          *  Concerto for Piano
                                                              Quintet for Piano & Strings
                                                              Symphonic Etudes
                                                          *  Symphonies (1, 2, *3, 4)

SMETANA, Bedrich                          *  The Moldau
                                                              Bartered Bride: Overture & Dances

STRAUSS, Johann Sr.                           Radetzsky March

STRAUSS, Johann II                             Die Fledermaus
                                                          *  Waltzes

SUPPE, Franz von                                 Overtures

TCHAIKOVSKY, Peter Ilyitch             Capriccio italien
                                                          *  Concerto #1 for Piano
                                                          *  Concerto for Violin
                                                              Marche slave
                                                          *  Nutcracker (ballet suite)
                                                              Overture 1812
                                                              Romeo & Juliet
                                                              Serenade for Strings
                                                              Sleeping Beauty
                                                          *  Swan Lake
                                                          *  Symphonies (2, 4, 5, *6)

THOMAS, Ambroise                             Mignon: Overture

VERDI, Giuseppe                              *  Aida
                                                              Requiem Mass
                                                              La Traviata
                                                              Il Trovatore

WAGNER, Richard                               Der fliegende Hollander
                                                              Gotterdammerung: Rhine Journey & Funeral Music
                                                              Die Meistersinger
                                                          *  Parsifal: Prelude & Good Friday Music
                                                              Siegfried Idyll
                                                          *  Tannhauser: Overture & Venusberg Music
                                                          *  Tristan und Isolde: Prelude & Liebestod

WOLF, Hugo                                        Songs



In this final category we have made no attempt to differentiate among the various sub-groupings under which contemporary music of certain types has been pigeon-holed. These include Neo-Classic, Neo-Romantic, Expressionist, Serial, Atonal, Electronic, etc. Therefore there is left no compact definition of the period except to state that it is music written since the turn of the century which does not fit into the category of Romanticism purely for chronological reasons, but which rather, via either orchestral technique, 
or mode of expression is attempting to still further broaden the horizons of music.

BABBITT, Milton                                  Ensembles for Synthesizers

BARBER, Samuel                             *  Adagio for Strings
                                                             Knoxville: Summer of 1915
                                                             Sonata for Piano

BARTOK, Bela                                *  Concerto for Orchestra
                                                             Concerto No.3 for Piano
                                                             Music for Strings Percussion & Celesta
                                                         *  Quartets (3, 4, 5)

BERG, Alban                                        Altenberg Lieder
                                                             Concerto for Violin
                                                             Lyric Suite for String Quartet
                                                         *  Wozzeck

BERIO, Luciano                                  Sequenza VI
                                                           Chemins II, III

BERNSTEIN, Leonard                       Mass
                                                           West Side Story (ballet music)

BLOCH, Ernest                                  Schelomo

BOULEZ, Pierre                                 Pli selon pli

BRITTEN, Benjamin                       *  Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings
                                                           Peter Grimes
                                                       *  Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

BUSONI, Ferruccio                            Doktor Faust

CAGE, John                                        Atlas Eclipticalis
                                                           Concerto for Prepared Piano & Chamber Orchestra

CARTER, Eliot                                   Quartets (1, 2)
                                                           Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord

COPLAND, Aaron                        *  Appalachian Spring
                                                          Concerto for Piano
                                                          Quartet for Piano & Strings
                                                          El Salon Mexico

CRUMB, george                                Ancient Voices of Children

DALLAPICCOLA, Luigi                   Canti di Prigionia

DAVIDOVSKY, Mario                 *  Synchronisms

DAVIES, Peter Maxwell                    Revelation & Fall

FOSS, Lucas                                     Baroque Variations

GERHARD, Roberto                         Concerto for Orchestra

GERSHWIN, George                        American in Paris
                                                          Porgy & Bess (selections)
                                                          Rhapsody in Blue

GINASTERA, Alberto                       Concerto for Piano

HARRIS, Roy                                    Symphony No.3

HENZE, Hans Werner                       El Cimarron
                                                          Elegy for Young Lovers

HINDEMITH, Paul                        *  Mathis de Maler (symphony)
                                                          Requiem "For Those We Love"
                                                          Sonata for Viola Op. 25 #1
                                                          Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Weber

HOLST, Gustav                                 The Planets

HONEGGER, Arthur                         Pacific 231
                                                          Roi David

IBERT, Jacques                                 Divertissement

IVES, Charles                                    Piano Sonata #2 "Concord"
                                                      *  Three Places In New England

JANACEK, Leos                               Sinfonietta

KIRCHNER, Leon                             Quartet No.3 for String & Electronic Tape

KODALY, Zoltan                           *  Hary Janos: Suite
                                                           Psalmus Hungaricus

LIGETI, Gyorgy                                  Atmospheres
                                                           Adventures; Nouvelles aventures

MAHLER, Gustav                               Kindertotenlieder
                                                        *  Das Lied von der Erde
                                                        *  Songs of a Wayfarer
                                                        *  Symphonies (*1, 2, 4, *9)

MENOTTI, Gian Carlo                        Amahl & the Night Visitors

MESSIAN, Olivier                               Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum
                                                            Quatuor pour la fin du temps

MILHAUD, Darius                               La Creation du Monde

NANCARROW, Conlon                      Studies for Player Piano

NIELSEN, Carl                                    Symphonies (4, 5)

NONO, Luigi                                        Epitaffio per Garcia Lorca

ORFF, Carl                                           Carmina Burana

PARTCH, Harry                                    Daphne of the Dunes

PENDERECKI, Krzysztof                 *  Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

PISTON, Walter                                    Incredible Flautist (ballet suite)
                                                              Symphony No.2

POULENC, Francis                                Les Biches (ballet suite)
                                                           *  Concerto for Organ, Strings & Timpani
                                                           *  Songs

PROKOFIEV, Serge                          *  Classical Symphony
                                                           *  Concerto No. 3 for Piano
                                                               Concertos for Violin (1, 2)
                                                               Lieutenant Kije Suite
                                                           *  Peter and the Wolf
                                                               Romeo & Juliet (excerpts)
                                                           *  Symphony No. 5

RODRIGO, Joaquin                               Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar

RUGGLES, Carl                                     Sun-Treader

SATIE, Erik                                            Piano Music

SCHOENBERG, Arnold                         Five Pieces for Orchestra
                                                           *  Pierrot Lunaire
                                                               Survivor from Warsaw
                                                           *  Trio for Strings
                                                               Variations for Orchestra
                                                               Verklarte Nacht

SCHULLER, Gunther                              Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee

SCHUMAN, William                              A Song of Orpheus

SCRIABIN, Alexander                            Piano Music

SESSIONS, Roger                                  Black Maskers: Suite

SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitri                      Quartet No. 8
                                                            *  Symphonies (4, *5, 14)

SIBELIUS, Jean                                      Concerto for Violin
                                                            *  Finlandia
                                                                Swan of Tounela
                                                            *  Symphonies (1, *2 ,5)

STOCKHAUSEN, Karlheinz                   Gesang der Junglinge

STRAUSS, Richard                             *  Don Juan
                                                                Four Last Songs
                                                            *  Till Eulenspiegel

STRAVINSKY, Igor                               Le Baiser de la fe
                                                            *  Firebird: Suite
                                                            *  l'Histoire du soldat: Suite
                                                            *  Petrouchka (ballet)
                                                                Pulcinella: Suite
                                                                Les noces
                                                            *  Sacre du printemps
                                                                Symphony in C
                                                            *  Symphony of Psalms

SUBOTNICK, Morton                            Silver Apples

TAKEMITSU, Toru                                 November Steps

THOMPSON, Randall                             Alleluia

THOMPSON, Virgil                                Plow That Broke The Plains

TIPPETT, Michael                                   Child of our Time

VARESE, Edgard                                    Octandre

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph              Flos Campi
                                                            *  Fantasia on a Theme by Tallis
                                                                Fantasia on Greensleeves
                                                                Symphonies (4, 6)

VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor                           Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5

WALTON, William                                  Facade
                                                                Belshazzar's Feast

WEBERN, Anton                                    Cantatas
                                                                Five Movements for String Quartet
                                                            *  Five Orchestral Pieces

WEILL, Kurt                                           Three Penny Opera

WOLPE, Stepan                                      Chamber Piece No. 1

XENAKIS, Yannis                                  Metastatis


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