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Australian Eloquence

Most labels now have budget series where they typically re-issue older titles in order to give them a new lease on life. In these series you’ll generally find some gems mixed in with a few things which truth be told may be of little interest. However, one label that seems to have a better than average selection of recordings is Australian Eloquence.

It is called Australian Eloquence because the man behind the label is Universal Australia’s Marketing Director of Classics and Jazz, Cyrus Meher-Homji. He founded the label in the late 1990's for the domestic Australian market and since then has gradually built up a catalog of close to 500 releases and growing. Drawing on the vast archives of Decca, Philips and Deutsche Grammophon (as well as a few from the Australian label ABC Classics) he has an enormous selection of recordings to choose from. Basically he draws up a wish list of recordings that aren’t available on the main labels at that time and sends it to the European Universal headquarters for approval. (Universal owns the Decca, Philips, and Deutsche Grammophon labels.) They may say no if there are already plans to reissue them on some other series or if there are contractual reasons why they are not allowed tobut otherwise he seems to be able to reissue what he likes. A lot of Australian Eloquence releases are premieres on CD which means that they have probably been remastered for the releasewhich is usually a good thing!

Two sources for obtaining Australian Eloquence are Buywell or Presto Classical.


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