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Each speaker from Magico is a work of science, as well as a work of art!  Unlike some speaker lines where there might be one or two strong products but the rest are nothing special, each Magico speaker regardless of it's price point, is a top-notch product.

Goodwin's High End has the most complete array of Magico speakers on display of any dealer in the US. Please stop by, bring your favorite music, and hear for yourself!

Magico V2



    This is the smallest and least expensive speaker in their line. But there is nothing diminutive about their sound!  Like all Magico speakers the parts quality is top notch!  All of the drivers, from the tweeter to the woofer, are world-class. As soon as you hear it you'll understand why it was such a hit at the 2009 CES! 



     From the Manufacturer:

The V2 embodies the spirit of the award-winning Mini II in our acclaimed V-series floor-standing enclosure design. Utilizing a unique 2.5-way configuration, it combines the coherence of a 2-way with the exceptional dynamic expression associated with our multi-way offerings.


Containing two 7” Nano-Tec drivers operating on separate circuits and mounted at different depths on a “zero horizontal-diffraction” baffle, the V2 is capable of delivering a highly resolved and seamless musical presentation, particularly through the critical mid-bass frequencies.

This ambitious design also employs all of our signature engineering innovations—rear mounted drivers coupled to an aircraft-grade 6061-T aluminum baffle, a 17-ply vertically stacked Baltic Birch cabinet, and our tension-coupling mechanism, which uses unique aluminum rods and fasteners to create a hermetically sealed, acoustically inert platform. When combined with our proprietary tweeter and Elliptical Symmetry Crossover (ESXO), the end result is a truly magnificent loudspeaker, one that represents our unyielding commitment to designing and producing the most advanced loudspeaker systems in the world.

Dimensions: H: 42" (105 cm) D: 12" (30 cm) W: 10" (25 cm)

Weight: 120 lbs (55 Kg).

Driver Complement:

1" Mr_1 Ring Radiator tweeter

2 X 7" Nano-Tec woofers

Sensitivity: 89 db

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency Response: 32Hz-40KHz

Recommended Power: 50-300 Watts


All information and specifications provided herein are subject to change owing to the evolutionary nature of Magico designs and technology. All non-powered Magico speakers are covered by a three-year limited warranty for parts and labor. Please see warranty for complete details of coverage.
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