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Each speaker from Magico is a work of science, as well as a work of art!  Unlike some speaker lines where there might be one or two strong products but the rest are nothing special, each Magico speaker regardless of it's price point, is a top-notch product.

Goodwin's High End has the most complete array of Magico speakers on display of any dealer in the US. Please stop by, bring your favorite music, and hear for yourself!

Magico Mini 2      

This is the best mini-monitor we have ever heard, period. And the cabinet is a work of art as you can see.

When you hear it you won't believe that you are listening to a two-way mini-monitor on a stand. You'll just sit back and feel the music. What more can be said?





Description 2-way sealed enclosure with matching stand monitor

Frequency response (-/+ 2db) 40Hz – 40KHz (in room)

Efficiency (2.8V/1m) 87db

Nominal impedance 4

Crossover frequency 2KHz

Power handling <250W

Dimensions (HxWxD) Mini 16”x 12” x 17” / Stand 28” 15” 19”

Weight Mini 70lbs / stand 110lbs


For more information please see the Mini 2 Owner's Manual. Then if you have any questions or would like to audition them please give us a call at 781-893-9000.


All information and specifications provided herein are subject to change owing to the evolutionary nature of Magico designs and technology. All non-powered Magico speakers are covered by a three-year limited warranty for parts and labor. Please see warranty for complete details of coverage.
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