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Basis Debut Signature

Basis Debut Signature turntable - black

We have the Debut Signature Vacuum on display and it really is a great sounding turntable. Bring in your favorite albums and give them a spin. After a listen you'll know what you've been missing!

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From the Manufacturer:

Basis Debut Signature turntable - clear


The Debut turntable is the result of the same “Basis Systems Approach” of product development as other Basis products, where each individual subsystem contributing to the performance of the product is identified.

Specific goals for the performance of each subsystem are developed based on the function of that system. Each system is designed, based on fundamental principles of physics, and then tested and optimized to perform its function to the highest level. Only after each system has demonstrated superior performance at its defined function is it approved for use in the final product.


The subchassis forms the base that holds all of the systems (drive, suspension, bearing/platter, tonearm mount) together. Ideally the subchassis should provide a rigid, non-resonant support for the turntable system components. The massive, two-inch thick stress-relieved acrylic Debut subchassis indeed provides such an ideal support.

The acrylic material is cast as a solid block and stress-relieved for stability. The material itself exhibits superb low-resonance characteristics without the need for problematic damping with elastomer materials. One needs only to cue the stylus directly onto the subchassis on Debut, turn the volume up, and tap the subchassis with various light objects such as toothpicks, small hex keys, small screwdrivers, and the like. You will note that the sound from the speakers is different for each object and “sounds” like the material of that object striking acrylic.

Further, the sound is immediate and short without echoes, “overhang”, or ringing. Such a simple test, performed with other subchassis materials, will show the benefits of solid, thick, cast acrylic as used for a properly designed turntable subchassis. The Debut subchassis provides the inert structure that a true, neutral, state of the art record player requires.


Basis Debut Signature turntable - suspension detail


Isolating the turntable from the listening environment is crucial for you to really hear the music on your record. Any less than total isolation reduces your turntable to an expensive tone control, with the sound becoming colored by feedback and by ineffective handling of energy fed into the turntable by the tonearm.

The cornerpost assemblies of the Debut house the ultimate turntable suspension system. This system totally isolates the turntables and damps the subchassis by turning vibrational energy, which has been fed into the subchassis by the tonearm, into heat energy. No other integral turntable suspension in the world performs the first function as effectively, and no other turntable suspension performs the second function at all.

Additionally, the Basis system provides 48 db of isolation between the motor and the record-stylus system. This means that any other non-suspended turntable system produces 48db more motor noise which will mask the true details of the musical experience from ever making it to your phono stage!

The beneficiary of this superior energy-conversion isolation system is the listener. Musical details unfold with effortless certainty, conveying the emotion of the music with profoundly convincing realism by combining delicacy, immediacy, listenability, and explosive dynamics.

See the technical paper on Basis isolation systems for further discussion of the Basis suspension.

Basis tonearm cable isolation detail


The Debut utilizes the most speed-stable type of motor available, the AC synchronous instrument motor. Basis modifies this motor with a custom magnet assembly to further smooth the power delivery and to assure a totally balanced rotating system.

The custom motor is mounted in its own housing, separated from the turntable base by elastomer isolators, which are themselves isolated from the critical tonearm/platter systems by the Debut hanging, fluid damped suspension system.

The result of these extreme measures is a totally speed stable, quiet, cog-free drive system. Musical notes are unwaveringly solid, as expected; additionally, such exceptional levels of speed stability lend coherence and soundfield realism to the music that must be heard to be believed.

Basis Debut Signature turntable - dual tonearm version - clear


The Debut bearing is unique in the history of record players. It is an oil-well design, the smoothest, quietest bearing type. A multi-component two tiered structure results in the very desirable but seemingly impossible reality of placing the center of gravity of the platter directly between the top and bottom bushings of the bearing. Thus, the lowest possible lateral forces are achieved. The result is lower friction and lower noise, which yields the silent backgrounds, low grain, utterly transparent, and effortless sound for which the Debut is known.

A high number of parts and numerous machining and matching operations are required to achieve a bearing with the unique and outstanding characteristics of the Debut bearing. Contrasted to the inexpensive inverted bearings that most new turntable designs incorporate the Debut bearing is a great example of the Basis philosophy: quality is never compromised.

The platter support surfaces of the bearing are machined after the bearing has been otherwise finished. The platter is perfectly centered as a result of this proprietary process, giving the Debut a solid sense of speed stability that must be heard. Matched thrust surfaces result in a life, which, with twenty years experience, is still unknown: no Debut bearings have ever worn out! With current production surfaces superior to those of the first Debuts in 1986 the new Debut Signature owner is guaranteed a minimum of 25 years before any wear surfaces require attention.

The Debut platter is lavished with the same attention to detail as the bearing. At 20+ pounds it is not only inert but is also absolutely round to a precision that is finer than one quarter of the thickness of a sheet of paper! Along with the perfect centering of the matched platter, the result is rotational accuracy of five-ten thousandths of an inch. Even without a feeling for just how impressive “.0005 inches accuracy” is, any listener will immediately hear the riveting clarity and speed stability that results.

The platter is a massive, two-inch thick design machined from stress-relieved acrylic. Thirty two individual weights are bonded into the platter to break up resonant modes and add to the rotational inertia. A precision aluminum insert is integrally machined for perfect platter/bearing matching with absolutely zero clearances. One look at the bottom of the Debut/2500 platter with its 32 weights and perfectly machined bearing interface and everyone agrees: this is a serious platter for a serious, perfectionist turntable.


The optional Basis Vacuum Record Hold-Down System applies a controlled level of negative pressure to the underside of the record guaranteeing a perfectly flat record that is so effectively coupled to the platter that record resonance is totally eliminated. Each record becomes a twenty-pound record! The true musical tonality and texture captured on the record are revealed, without any added coloration of vinyl resonance. No system, other than gluing the record to the platter, can result in such perfect resonance control. Tests of record outer rings, never considered at Basis due to resonance problems of their own as well as the danger they present to the stylus, show only a twenty percent coupling compared to the Basis Vacuum System.

 The vacuum system restores even the most warped record to exact flatness, eliminating speaker damaging and power robbing “woofer pumping” due to record warps. Dynamics, imaging, musicality, bass power, and tracking ability are all brought to levels unreachable without the Basis Vacuum system.

The Basis conceived HFLV (high flow, limited vacuum) system combines rapid record pull-down with the gentlest possible handling of records. The laboratory-grade vacuum regulator and the precision vacuum gauge assure the user of consistent, gentle vacuum application while allowing total adjustability and flexibility. The remote pump allows flexibility in placement and assures silent operation of the system.

Basia Synchro-Wave power supply


Basis Audio began shipping the new Synchro-Wave Power Supply in late 2006. Meaningful, obvious sonic improvements in musically important areas are brought to any Basis turntable model by adding this unique power supply.

The Basis Audio Synchro-Wave Power Supply is the finest power supply ever offered for turntables using AC synchronous motors. Delivering smooth, dual sine waves with perfect 90 degree phase difference, of audio-amplifier quality distortion levels, the Synchro-Wave power supply brings Basis turntables to further heights

musical reality. The Synchro-Wave power supply offers the following features:

1. Speed selection: 33 1/3 or 45 RPM at the flip of a switch.

2. Dual-wave motor operation: 2 individual sine waves with exact, optimal phase shift are fed independently to each motor coil.

The benefits: Far smoother motor operation, lower cogging for more relaxed, lower grain sound. Greater detail, more precise imaging, and more natural decay characteristics are easily heard.

3. Stable, generated frequency of power.

The benefits: Perfect long-term speed stability.

Summary: The Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply brings greater “convincing power” to the sound of any Basis Turntable. With both long-term and short-term speed variations reduced to levels below the finest industry test records the musical structure, timing, texture, and character are much closer to a real musical event. The emotion and “feel” of the music is conveyed in a clearly more convincing manner, with all “mechanical artifacts” dissolving away.

The Basis Synchro-Wave Power Supply, along with other new, exclusive Basis features such as our “Revolution” perfectly ground belts, establish new standards for vinyl playback in terms of realism of tone, complexity and accuracy of instrumental decay, and soundspace definition. Industry members have commented that Basis turntables with the Vector tonearm, Synchro-Wave Power Supply, and Revolution belt sound more like master tapes rather than records. This is high praise, yet we at Basis agree, having always considered high quality master tapes to be the closest representation of the original musical event. Basis audio has now closed, and with some records eliminated, that gap between vinyl playback and master tapes.


Basis Debut Signature turntable / Vector 4 tonearm - detail



Overall dimensions: 23" wide x 16.5" deep x 7" tall (584mm x 419mm x 178mm).

Overall weight: 82 pounds (37 kilograms). Vacuum version: 102 pounds (46 kilograms).

Shipping weight: 95 pounds (43 kilograms). Vacuum version: 123 pounds (56 kilograms).

Options: Vacuum or non-vacuum version; Clear acrylic/silver trim (DIAMOND configuration), black

acrylic/silver trim, black acrylic/black trim.



If you would like to upgrade your turntable and/or tonearm, please call us as we would be happy to discuss this with you.


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