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Goodwin's High End was the first major dealer to take on the Magico speaker line. As soon as we heard the Ultimate and original Mini, we knew that this was a very special company with incredible products. After we heard them, Alan Goodwin then visited the factory in California and spent 3 days there discussing the design and manufacturing of both the current and future products. After that 3 day factory visit Alan was convinced that not only was the company headed in the right direction, but that they also had the proper fiscal backing to ensure longevity which is obviously very important!

Since then the world has discovered Magico and their speakers have become our best selling high end speakers in the store. Please visit us and hear how, when properly configured, a system based on a pair of Magico speakers can take your music listening experience to another level!

Magico Speakers

Magico designs and builds, or purchases, the best parts for the speakers, no matter how expensive they are. Their willingness to spend inordinate amounts of money on driver development has really borne fruit as their speakers are highly refined and eminently listenable.

One aspect of their speakers that is easy to understand is that they are designed as sealed cabinets rather than being ported like most dynamic speakers available today. There are some real advantages to a sealed cabinet, and with Magico's expertise in driver development, they have really been able to capitalize on that design approach.

Ultimately, the heart of any speaker is the sound of the midrange. Magico speakers across the board have a beautiful and very natural, lifelike midrange which really brings music to life.

Here is the Magico line-up:








      Q5 - Q5 unpacking instructions - Q5 manual

      Q7 MkII



      M Project

      Ultimate III

If you would like to upgrade your present speakers you're invited to stop by and give them a listen. Once you hear them for yourself then you'll understand what all of the excitement is about!

Magico QSub-18


  • Two 18-inch drivers with 34mm of linear excursionwith each one mounted in a 2-inch-thick aluminum baffle
  • Internal 6,000-watt Class D amplifier with a 7,000VA power supply
  • Digitally controlled onboard crossoverwhich can be optionally bypassed for LFE channel use
  • 15 Hz – 150 Hz
  • 25.4" H x 37" D x 25.4" W
  • 570 pounds

Magico Ultimate III

Below are some previous Magico models:



      Mini 2


      Model 6


If you would like to know the shipping dimensions and weights for some models of Magico speakers please click here.

Here is a link showing six different M-Cast finish colors.

If you wish to register for your Magico warranty click here. For a user ID and password please call us.

For a 2011 factory tour report click this link. However in 2013 Magico moved to a substantially larger manufacturing facility which also contains a more sophisticated custom-built listening room. Here are some photos taken in the new facility.


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