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● Manufacturer Websites

Headphones & Headphone Amp Manufacturers
Astell & Kern headphone amps, etc.
Audeze headphones
Focal headphones
HiFiMan headphones
MrSpeakers headphones
Woo Audio headphone amps, etc.
WyWires headphone cables.
Audio Manufacturers
Argento Audio cables.
Audio Physic speakers.
Audio Research preamplifiers, phono preamps, amplifiers, and digital components.
Audio Desk - Vinyl Cleaner Pro vinyl record cleaners - new revised model for 2019
AudioQuest cables, power conditioners
Aurender music servers.
Avalon Acoustics speakers
Baetis music servers; media servers.
Basis turntables.
Benz Micro phono cartridges.
Berkeley Audio Design D-A converters.
Billy Bags audio racks.
Box Furniture high quality wood audio shelves.
Boulder preamplifiers, amplifiers, and digital components.
Clearaudio cartridges, turntables, tonearms, and phono preamplifiers.
Constellation preamplifiers, amplifiers, and digital components.
dCS Product Information - digital components.
Devialet electronics and speakers.
DeVore Fidelity speakers.
Dynaudio speakers.
Equi=Tech power conditioners.
E.A.R. tube preamps and power amp.
Grado headphones and cartridges.
Graham Engineering tonearms.
Gryphon preamplifiers, phono preamps, amplifiers, and digital components.
Harmonic Resolution Systems equipment racks and resonance control products.
Hegel D-A converters, integrated amps, preamps, amps.
Innuos music servers
JL Audio subwoofers.
Kaleidescape hard disk-based movie and music servers.
Kubala Sosna cables.
Linn digital components, preamplifiers, amplifiers, surround sound processors, tuners, speakers, and custom installation equipment.
Magico speakers.
Magnum Dynalab tuners, tuner accessories, and a high-quality receiver.
Martin-Logan electrostatic and hybrid speakers.
MIT cables & AC line purification components.
MSB Technology D-A converters, amplifiers.
Musical Surroundings distributes Aesthetix, Benz-Micro, Clearaudio, Helius, Musical Surroundings, Pathos Acoustics, Record Time, etc.
My Sonic Labs moving coil cartridges
NAD electronics.
Nagra electronics.
Naim CD players, preamplifiers, amplifiers, music servers, speakers, tonearms, etc.
Nordost cables.
Octave Audio tube amps, preamplifiers, phono stages
Parasound audio electronics and home-theater / surround-sound processors.
Pro-Ject turntables and phono accessories.
PS Audio power conditioners.
PSB speakers.
Quad Note: As of 2014 Quad is no longer imported into the US
REL sub-woofers.
Request Multimedia the AudioReQuest hard disk music management system.
Rockport speakers and turntables.
Rogue Audio tube electronics.
Roon music servers & music server software
Sennheiser headphones and microphones.
Shelter phono cartridges.
Shunyata power conditioners, power cables, and audio cables.
Simaudio (Moon) the Moon line of electronics.
SME turntables and tonearms.
Sotm digital components.
Spectral digital components, pre-amplifiers, and amplifiers.
Stax great electrostatic headphones.
Tara Labs cables.
Theta CD & DVD digital source components and surround processors.
Totem (Note: We no longer have these speakers on demo)
VAC tube electronics
Verity speakers.
VPI turntables and record cleaning machines.
Wilson Note: While we no longer carry these speakers we can repair them if needed.
Wisdom in-wall and on-wall speakers.
WyWires digital and analog cables.
Video Manufacturers
Da-Lite video screens.
Digital Projection video projectors.
Display Development high performance video projectors including DCI exhibition grade projectors w/ xenon lamps & LED DLP projectors.
DVDO video processors.
Extron video switchers, etc.
Faroudja video line enhancers & DVD components.
Kaleidescape hard disk-based movie and music servers.
Lumagen video processors.
Projector Lamps Info on original spec projector replacement lamps
Request Multimedia hard disk music & movie management systems.
Runco high performance video projection systems, processors, and plasma screens.
Stewart Filmscreen video projection screens.
Wolf Cinema high performance 3-chip DLP video projectors w/ Xenon lamps & LED projectors
Audio Magazines
Enjoy the Music mainstream audiophile-oriented magazine.
The Absolute Sound audiophile magazine.
Stereophile audiophile magazine.
Acoustic Room Treatment Manufacturers
ARS "stealth" type concealed room treatments from CinemaTechusing Owens Corning panels.
ASC room treatments, including the famous Tube-Traps.
PAL acoustic room treatments, including their custom in-room bass tuning utilizing their V-Traps.
RPG acoustic room treatments, including their diffusors.
Vicoustic acoustic room treatments
Furniture Manufacturers
Billy Bags high-strength steel audio and video component stands.
Box Furniture high-quality component stands.
CinemaTech high-quality leather theater and music room seating.
Finite Elemente performance-oriented audio stands
Fjords very comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable seating - Fjords Red
Harmonic Resolution Systems high performance audio stands
Lovan speaker and component stands.
Particular Contemporary Design high-quality contemporary-looking metal audio and video component stands.
Salamander Designs high-quality wood audio/video component stands plus theater and music room seating
Sanus high-quality wood audio and video component stands.
Power Conditioning
Equitech AC line treatment.
MIT AC line treatment.
Shunyata Research AC line treatment.
Torus Power AC line treatment.
Professional and Recording Equipment Manufacturers
Gordon microphone preamps.
Magix Samplitude and Sequoia recording/editing software
Pacific Microsonics Model Two state of the art A-D & D-A converter. (currently out of production)
Schoeps microphones.
Sennheiser microphones.
Z-Systems digital equalizers and preamplifiers.

Music-related Websites

A word about choosing a particular website: 

  • For CD's: Acoustic Sounds is a great site for audiophile recordings. For classical music ArkivMusic is our first choice, since as they specialize only in classical music, their site makes it very easy to find a particular recording—and they seem to be able to fill orders more completely more often than other websites. Amazon many times has reviews that can sometimes be helpful if you'd like to learn more about a particular recording.
  • Downloads: For downloads we recommend that you only listen to Uncompressed files or Lossless Compressed files that are 44.1/16 bit or higher in terms of sampling rate and bits. More information on file types is here. For information on Silent Music Servers click here and here. For info on transferring your CD collection to your Music Server click here.
Downloads - Uncompressed or Lossless Compressed
Link There is a lot of information here - with numerous links to sites for quality downloads
The Three Major Music Labels - (approximately 70% of total music sales worldwide - 85% in the US)
Sony Music  
Universal Music  
Warner Music Group  
Music Retailers - Greater Boston
Orpheus Classics - (Boston) One of the best Classical CD's & Vinyl stores in the country!
In Your Ear - (Cambridge) One of the best stores, extremely knowledgeable staff, personalized service for regular buyers
Newbury Comics - (Norwood) new and used Vinyl & CD's. Carries their full catalog of proprietary vinyl pressings.
Stereo Jacks - (Cambridge) One of the best store in the US for Jazz! Lots of Blue Note, Verve, Riverside. R&B, Rock, etc.
Blue Bag Records - (Cambridge) out of the ordinary, hard to find, fair pricing, very knowledgeable owner
Looney Tunes - (Cambridge) tentatively opening in 2017. Owner is very knowledgeable
Skippy White's - (Boston) R&B, Soul, Blues, early Jazz
Record Exchange - (Salem) worth the trip! Many Genres
Mystery Train - (Gloucester) one of the best - worth the trip! Rock, etc.
  (NOTE: If there are multiple locations, the above recommendations are for that specific location.)
Music Retailers - US
2L audiophile record label.
AACM CD's of Ali Akbar Khan
Acoustic Sounds audiophile quality CD's & LP's - recommended.
ArkivMusic specializes in classical music recordings only - recommended.
Amazon large music selection - CamelCamelCamel (amazon price tracker service)
Berkshire Record Outlet classical music
Chesky Records audiophile record label.
Classic Records record label of re-releases - LP, CD, DAD, HDAD
Classical Select classical
Elusive Disc classical, jazz, blues classical, jazz, blues - recommended.
HD Tracks audiophile downloads including lossless 88.2/24 & 96/24 FLAC - Label Listing
Import CDs CD's
Marston Records historical classical CD's
MovieMars CD's
Musical Heritage Society classical record club (note: they ship the Featured Selection automatically unless you opt out each time) Note: somewhat limited selection
Reference Recordings audiophile record label - CD's, LP's, and HRx files.

[Note: It is better to buy the HRx files on DVD-R's (which are 176.4/24) rather than to get them from if they are then reduced down to either 88.2 or 96/24. However if you are going to get them down-rezzed from HDTracks then only choose the 88.2/24 (as opposed to the 96/24) files as they are superior in terms of downward decimation. Still the best way to listen to the files is at 176.4/24--and HDTracks may be offering them soon at that sampling rate as they recently started offering some other files at 192/24.]

Rykodisc music label (mostly CD)
Second Spin used CD's
Water Lily Acoustics audiophile record label - audiophile CD, SACD, DAD
Music Retailers - Global
GEMM a source for some hard-to-find music recordings
Music Retailers - Canada
Amazon.CA all genres classical & jazz
Music Retailers - UK
Amazon UK all genres
Crochet classical
Europadisc classical
Find CD all genres - CD search on a number of UK merchants simultaneously
Hancock & Monks classical
Hyperion Records audio record label - CD's as well as lossless 44.1/16 FLAC downloads
Linn Records audio record label - including downloads at 96/24 & 192/24
MDT classical
Naim Label audiophile record label
Oast House Records classical LP & historical CD
Opus Arte classical, opera, ballet, theater
Presto Classical classical
The Classical Shop classical - CD's & lossless FLAC downloads at 44.1kHz/16bit and "Studio 24/96"
Music Retailers - Australia
Music Retailers - Belgium
La Boite à Musique "" claims to be the world's largest classical music shop. And they rebate the 21% VAT on CD's sent to the US for shipments of value above 125 Euros ex VAT.
Music Retailers - Finland
Fuga classical
Music Retailers - France
Abeille Musique all genres
Amazon France all genres
La Chaumière à Musique classical
Qobuz classical
Les Bon Plans de la Musique Classique classical - links to music on sale
Music Retailers - Germany
Amazon Germany all genres Step-by-Step Guide to ordering in English - Info for customers in English - Info on Buying in Dollars rather than Euros
JPC JPC=JazzPopClassical (Note: for the language you can select English)
Music Retailers - Holland
Music Retailers - Italy
Amazon Italy  
Music Retailers - Czech Republic/Russia
Russian CD Shop classical & other genres - also Czech & Russian music
Music Retailers - Spain
Amazon Spain classical & other genres
Music Retailers - Japan
Amazon Japan all genres
CD Japan all genres
HMV Japan all genres
Tower Records Japan all genres - (now separate from US Tower Records - info) - Note: Because they don't ship to the US you can use a third party service to order anything you can find on the Tower Japan site, such as:
Music Retailers - Hong Kong
HMV HK all genres - Note: site is in English
YesAsia all genres as well as Chinese, Japanese & Korean - Note: site is in English
List of more HK CD stores and another blog here
Music Resources
All Music Guide extensive musician and album info - all genres.
Both Sides Now discographies of popular music and stories on individual labels.
Sibelius Academy offers extensive music & recording links.
Classical Music Directory a listing of classical music links.
Classical Composers site dedicated to Bach site dedicated to Beethoven site dedicated to Bruckner - plus access to hard to find recordings - discography site dedicated to Handel - reviews of Handel recordings here and here site dedicated to Mozart site dedicated to Schubert site dedicated to Wagner Operas
Classical Music Reviews, etc.
Andante classical music magazine
BBC Music Magazine British classical music magazine
Bach Track live concert listing, etc.
Bach Track - Find a CD recommendations for classical CD's.
Bach Track - Find an Opera recommendations for opera recordings
Classical Archives classical music streaming
Classical CD Review classical CD reviews
Classical Library Blog CD reviews  + nice cover art jpegs
Classical Singer auditions, competitions, forums, directories
Classical Source articles, interviews, concert and CD reviews
Classical Web CD reviews
Culturekiosque-Klassiknet concert and festival reviews, interviews
Fanfare Magazine American classical music reviews
Gramophone British magazine with CD reviews, etc.
Gramophone Archives Gramophone Magazine review archives
La Folia music reviews and review archives
La Scena Musicale interviews, articles, reviews, Canadian classical music calendar
Music and Vision daily news, reviews, articles, interviews
Musical Opinion Britain's oldest classical music magazine
Musical Web International classical CD reviews - (mostly British reviewers)
Muso British - for enthusiasts, professional musicians, students
Sequenza21 contemporary classical music, composers, and performers
Sinfini Music classical music and performers
Slipped Disc Norman Lebrecht's news & forum
The Strad magazine for all strings enthusiasts
Classical Music Recordings Forums
Classical Music Guide  
Good Music Guide  
Talk Classical  
Classical Record Companies (merely a selection--there are many more!)
Albany Records Specializes in modern classical American composers - founded by Peter Kermani
Alto Mostly specializes in reissues
Aquarius This Russian label presents an historic series of opera recordings made in the USSR, with artists like Kozlovsky, Lemeshev, Reizen, Petrov, etc
Archipel This historical label presents mainly live recordings, remastered to very high standards
Australian Eloquence Features reissues from Decca, Philips, Deutsche Grammophon & ABC Classics (Australian Broadcasting Company Classics) - Artist Roster
Bongiovanni This great label from Italy offers a catalogue of both modern and historic recordings
Bridge Records  
Brilliant Classics Note: for older works temporarily see the old site
Centaur Records  
Chandos (high quality cover art)
Channel Classics Classical SACD's & CD's as well as PCM & DSD high resolution downloads
Columbia Masterworks aka CBS Masterworks - see Sony
Connoisseur Society Classical & Jazz CD's
Decca Decca, Philips, Argo, L’Oiseau-Lyre - Artist Roster
Deutsche Grammophon DG, Archiv, Westminster - Artist Roster
Divina Records Older Maria Callas recordings
Doremi Older & Historical classical recordings
Dynamic (Italy) - does more than most modern-day record companies in presenting both live and studio recordings of opera, plus a fine selection of other classical recordings.
EMI Classics EMI, Angel, Virgin, Seraphim, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi - Artist Roster
Fono Enterprise Historical label featuring remastered Opera recordings. Included booklets offer background information and rare photos.
Gebhardt A German historical label offering mainly live remastered opera performances, with a focus on legendary Wagner recordings.
Glossa Classical - (high quality cover art)
Hanssler Classic  
Hardy Classic Offers legendary opera performances on DVD as well as a election of live opera performances on CD.
Harmonia Mundi France & USA  -  (note: Deutsche Harmonia Mundi is separate & owned by EMI)
Hyperion Records (high quality cover art)
K&K Verlag An audiophile label from Germany, presenting nice sounding live performances.
Living Stage Great selection of historic live recordings.
Lyrita Distributed by Nimbus
Marston Records historical classical CD's
Melodram also known as Golden Melodram
Music & Arts reissues historical recordingsas well as has newer recordings
Myto Live historical opera issues.
Naxos Naxos also distributes many other labels in the US
Naxos UK  
Nonesuch (Now owned by Warner Bros. Records) Artist Roster
Ongaku Records  
Opus Kura Japanese historical label - site link is in English
Organ.O A boutique Australian label, presenting recordings by the renowned organist David Kinsela featuring performances of Bach and other composers.
Pavane Classical
Pentatone Classics  
Praga Digitals  
Preiser Records  
RCA see Sony - Shaded Dog discog - Living Stereo discog - Living Stereo 60CD box set
Reference Recordings Audiophile recordings engineered by Keith Johnson
Romophone Recordings of great voices of the past. Complete editions, excellent transfers and great presentations are features of this British label.
Sono Luminus (includes Dorian)
Sony Masterworks (Includes former labels: RCA Red Seal, Living Stereo, Columbia Masterworks Records, CBS Masterworks) - Artist Roster -
Supraphon Artist Roster
Telarc Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop/Rock (now owned by Concord)
Testament Records Classical
Turtle Records Classical and other genres
Universal Classics Owns these labels: Philips, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon
Urania The Italian Urania label has a strong catalogue of remastered recordings of historical opera, orchestral and instrumental recordings.
Walhall Eternity This label presents a catalogue of great historic opera performances.
Warner Classics Classical labels include: Erato, Teldec, NVC Arts
Water Lily Classical, Indian classical, world - Titles
Classical Musician Discographies
Elly Ameling Soprano
Arleen Auger Soprano
Claudio Arrau Pianist - discography
Jorge Bolet Pianist - discography
Annie Fischer Pianist - discography
Emil Gilels Pianist - discography & Brilliant's Russian Legends
Vladimir Horowitz Pianist - Sony Classical 70 CD Original Jacket box set - (2009 release)
Dinu Lipatti Pianist - discography - articles
Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Pianist - discography - 2nd discography
Ivan Moravec Pianist - discography
Tatiana Nikolayeva Pianist - discography
Sviatoslav Richter Pianist - discography - DoremiEMIBrilliant's Russian Legends Parnassus Records -  Forum
Arthur Rubinstein Pianist - Sony Classical 142 CD Original Jacket box set - (2011 release)
Vladimir Sofronitsky Pianist - discography (incomplete)
Jascha Heifetz Violinist - Sony Classical 104 CD Original Jacket box set - (2010 release)
Yehudi Menuhin Violinist - discography - recordings on EMI
David Oistrakh Violinist - discography - recordings on Doremi & EMI & Brilliant's Russian Legends
Sergiu Celibidache Conductor - discography - discography (in German)
Wilhelm Furtwängler Conductor - discography - recommended discography
Jazz Record Companies
Jazz Record Label Listings a link to numerous jazz labels
Blue Note jazz
CTI CTI jazz discography
ECM jazz and more
Mosaic Records for true jazz aficionados
Not Now Music reissues of jazz titles - as well as other genres
Jazz Musician Discographies
Jazz Discography Jazz discographies - (for more scroll down to "Jazz" category below.) Discographies for dozens of jazz musicians
Gene Ammons Gene Ammons discography
Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong discography - 2nd discography
John Coltrane John Coltrane discography - 2nd discography
Miles Davis Miles Davis discography - 2nd discography
Bill Evans Bill Evans discography - 2nd discography - 3rd discography
Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald discography - 2nd discography - 3rd discography
Stan Getz Stan Getz discography - 2nd discography
Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie discography - 2nd discography
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk discography - 2nd discography
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker discography - 2nd discography
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson discography - 2nd discography
Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins discography - 2nd discography
George Shearing George Shearing discography
Radio/Audio Stories
ZBS Productions Comic and cosmic adventures, science fiction, mystical mysteries - some with spiritual wisdoms woven within. Very well producing and entertaining! If you are new to this to begin with you might try The Fourth Tower of Inverness or Ruby 1 or Dreams of India.
CD Repair
NEDR New England Disc Repair - repairs scratched CD's
FM Radio Station & Streaming Simulcast Playlists
Spinitron Playlists for non-commercial community and educational radio stations.
WHRB 95.3fm Cambridge Playlists for WHRB 95.3 FM - Cambridge, MA, USA
All Classical 99.5 Boston Playlists for WCRB All Classical 99.5 - Boston, MA, USA

Classical Music Recording Venues

Recording Venues
Futura Productions 60'L x 38W' x 22'H recording room - Roslindale, MA
Jordan Hall 989 seat medium-sized hall - Boston, MA
Mechanics Hall 80' x 105' hall in Worcester, MA
Sosnoff Theater 900 seat hall - Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Skywalker Sound 80' x 60' x 30' - recording room - mic/equipment list - Nicasio, CA - (In addition they have 3 Pacific Microsonics Model Two A-D/D-A converters.)
Boston Symphony Hall 125'(not including stage) x 75' x 61' - 2625 seats (rental rates)
WGBH - Boston 52' x 34' x 28' Fraser Recording Studio - recording room plan-view

Video-related Websites

Video Magazines
The Perfect Vision videophile magazine related to The Absolute Sound.
Ultimate AV videophile magazine
Widescreen Review is a bit more of a technical video magazine.

Movie-related Websites

Movie Retailers
Amazon sells Blu-rays, etc. (and music and books, etc.)
Amazon Canada sells Blu-rays, etc. (and music and books, etc.)
Amazon France sells Blu-rays, etc. (and music and books, etc.)
Amazon UK sells Blu-rays, etc. (and music and books, etc.)
Zavvi UK sells Blu-rays, etc.
Tower Records sells Blu-rays, etc. (and music) sells Blu-rays, etc. sells Blu-rays, etc. - Japanese, Korean, Chinese releases (with free shipping on $39 orders)
Movie Info & Reviews
The Internet  Movie Database A comprehensive source for in-depth movie info. Also known as IMDB
AllMovie Movie info
Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes/DVD DVD Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes/Bluray BluRay Reviews BluRay reviews
DVDTalk DVD & BluRay reviews.
HDDb BluRay reviews.
High-Def Digest BluRay reviews.
Doctor Macro High quality movie star photos & movie poster scans

Custom Installation Products

Manufacturer Products
ARS Stretched-fabric concealed acoustic room treatment with Owens Corning panels.
Bay Audio In-wall and in-room speakers. Speaker specifications: in-ceiling; in-wall 400-series; in-wall 800-series; in-wall JM
BlueSound Wireless audio system for single or multi-room installations. Will play lossy compressed, CD Quality, and High Resolution music files—including CD Quality 44.1kHz /16 bitall the way up to 192kHz /24 bit.
Crestron High-quality touchscreen & touchpad control systems for audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security systems. Can integrate any and all systems into one custom-designed control interface. Crestron has quite a large portfolio of audio, video, and control products with which most anything can be accomplished!
Elan Speakers and multi-room audio control systems.
Draper Motorized room-blackening shades
Dynaudio Audiophile-grade wireless Dynaudio Xeo speakers. Wired in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.
Extron Video switchers and other video products.
FutureAutomation Lifts and mounts for flatscreens, projectors, and other equipment.
Inca Lifts for projectors and other equipment.
ImageCrafters Lighting, seating, and custom cabinetry.
Linn High performance stereo, A/V, and custom installation products.
Media Decor Mirrors and framed artwork to conceal video displays.
MiddleAtlantic Professional-style equipment racks.
NaimNet High performance IP-connected multi-room systems.
Netstreams IP-connected multi-room systems.
Niles Multi-room control systems, Infrared Repeater Systems, Speakers (in-wall, outdoor).
Parasound Better quality audio components which we sometimes use in custom installations.
Request Music servers.
RTI Remote control systems.
Séura LCD TV's hidden behind a mirror.
Silent Gliss Motorized draperies and window treatment tracks.
Savant Multi-room wireless remote-controlled systems.
Sonance High-quality speakers (in-wall, outdoor), Multi-room control systems.
Sonos Wireless audio system for single or multi-room installations. Plays regular 44.1kHz /16 bit CD quality files natively. Will also play lossy compressed low-fi 8-32kHz sampling rates as well as 48kHz CD Quality files. However no High Resolution files are playable as the hardware does not support the higher sampling and bitrates.
Vantage Multi-room lighting control systems.
VisionArt Flatscreen-concealing artwork.

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