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Goodwin's High End has been representing dCS for a good number of years now. In addition for the past several years we have been the Warranty and Repair Service Center for dCS here is the US. Having visited the factory for training we can report that dCS is really focused on improving high end audio digital source components. Certainly their new Vivaldi is ample proof of the drive and dedication with which they work on achieving their goals!

Vivaldi DAC

dCS Digital Components

Ultimately the source can be considered the most important component in a system. After all, even if you had perfect amplification and speakers, if the source merely offers up mediocre sound quality then even a "perfect" amplifier or speaker could only perfectly reproduce mediocrity "perfectly'. Obviously dCS is not aiming for mediocritybut rather quite the opposite!

Here is the current dCS line-up:






If you would like to upgrade your present digital front end you're invited to stop by and give a listen. After all hearing is believing!

User Manuals for previous dCS models:

      P8i Manual

      P8i User Manual v2.0x

      Delius Manual

      Elgar Manual v.4.4x

      Purcell Manual

     Verdi Manual

     Verdi Encore Manual

      Verdi LaScala Manual

     Verona Manual

dCS Debussy DAC

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