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About Amplifiers

The power amplifier has the challenging task of taking the audio signal that comes in and muscling your speaker into reproducing it at whatever volume your heart desires. Ultimately, it is responsible for making sure that the speaker drivers move about their business as quickly and accurately as possible, all while not introducing any distortion. Whether your cup of tea is solid state or tubes, we have a variety of superb-sounding amplifiers to complement your system.

Note: While this listing is representative of what we carry it is not always completely current. So for the most up to date information please call us at 781-893-9000


Audio Research

Audio Research REF 160M mono tube amp 

Founded in 1969 by Bill Johnson, Audio Research is known as one of the oldest and most established high end audio component manufacturers. For decades they have been renowned for their tube components.

Audio Research also makes digital components, preamplifiers, and cables.

Audio Research website


Audio Research Tube Power Amplifiers
Audio Reserach GS150. $Call.
Audio Reserach VT80SE. $Call.
Audio Reserach Ref 75 SE. $Call.
Audio Reserach Ref 160M.mono amp $Call.
Audio Research Tube Integrated Amplifiers
Audio Reserach VSi75. $Call.


Boulder 1060 stereo power ampBoulder also makes digital components, pre-amplifiers, and surround sound processor.

Boulder amplifiers have immense power reserves, terrific dynamics, bass power galoreand yet are sweet sounding and delicate. The 300 watt / channel stereo Boulder 1060 is pictured at the left.



Boulder 800 Series Amplifiers
Boulder 865 integrated amplifier. $Call.
Boulder 860 stereo amplifier. $Call.
Boulder 850 mono amplifier. $Call.
NOTE: In the 800 Series: Gain stages are monolithic, amplifiers are Class A up to approximately 15 watts and then operate in Class AB, amplifier output stages are unbalanced, power outputs are lower by approximately one-half and chassis work is much simpler and inexpensive in comparison to 2000.
Boulder 1000 Series Amplifiers
Boulder 1060 stereo amplifier. 300 w/channel. $Call.
Boulder 1050 monoblock amplifier. 500 w/channel. $Call.
NOTE: In the 1000 Series: Gain stages are partially discrete/partially monolithic, amplifiers are Class A up to approximately 15 watts and then operate in Class AB, and everything is a “single chassis” design..
Boulder 2000 Series Amplifiers
Boulder 2160 stereo amplifier. 600 w/channel. $Call.
Boulder 2150 monoblock amplifiers. 1000 w/channel.  $Call.
NOTE: In the 2000 Series all gain stages are fully discrete and modular, all amplifiers are full Class A, and everything is isolated for optimal noise reduction whenever possible.



Constellation manufactures very high quality electronics which are manufactured in the US. The Centaur Stereo power amp is pictured here.

Constellation also makes digital components and preamplifiers



Linn 2250 stereo power amplifierLinn makes three ranges of products: high performance audio/video products, including speakers, custom installation products which allow house-wide music, and one-box music or movie components.. Within these ranges, Linn makes phono components, digital components, preamplifiers, amplifiers, speakers, surround sound processors, cables, and tuners. The Linn 2250 amplifier is pictured at the left.




MSB Technology

MSB makes power amps and Digital Components

The MSB M202 power amp is pictured to the left.








MSB Power Amps
link to MSB components


Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity makes turntables, digital components, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and tuners.

The M6I integrated amplifier are pictured above.


Musical Fidelity




NAD has just released the new M2 which will play all PCM sampling rates. Not only does it function as a D-A converter in that it takes in digital signals and outputs analog, but the M2 functions as a complete digital integrated amp and has an analog input as well. NAD makes analog preamps as well as analog power and integrated amps.

The NAD M2 is shown on the left.



Digital Integrated Amp
NAD M2. $Call.

    M2 Direct Digital Amplifier Features

  • Direct Digital Amplifier
  • 2 X 250W Continuous Power at 8 and 4 Ohms
  • Digital Soft Clipping (switchable)
  • 5 Position Digital Impedance Compensation Filter

    Analogue-to-Digital Conversion

  • A/D Conversion for Analogue Inputs
  • Multi-bit Delta/Sigma 24/216kHz
  • Sample rate 32kHz - 192kHz
  • 124dB S/N Ratio
  • High Resolution 120dB Digital Attenuator

    Ins and Outs

  • Inputs Digital SPDIF: AES/EBU, Coaxial X 2, Optical X 2
  • Inputs Analogue: Balanced, Single-ended
  • Processor Loop: SPDIF Optical (Mac PC compatible) out/in
  • 2 Sets of Speaker Binding Posts to facilitate Bi-wiring
  • Remote Control

    Control Options

  • RS-232 serial data port
  • IR Input
  • 12V Trigger Input and Output
  • <1W Standby Consumption
  • 90% Amplifier Efficiency
Full Specifications can be found in the M2 Manual




Nagra makes digital components, pre-amplifiers, and amplifiers.

The Nagra MSA power amplifier is pictured above.


Local sales only




Naim makes digital components, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and tuners.

They also feature their very attractive multi-room solution which is termed their NaimNet IP-based system. NaimNet can provide whole-home control over IP as well as allow for a higher level of performance for multi-room audio distribution.

The Naim SUPERNAIT integrated amplifier is pictured above.


Naim All-In-One Integrated Player/Amp
NaimSuperUniti   $Call.
NaimUniti 2 all-in-one audio player plays music from the following: CD, FM/DAB, Internet Radio, MP3/iPod, Digital Audio Music Streams and USB—and it incorporates a 50 watt/channel integrated amp. $Call.  info

The NaimUniti 2 offers many sources: CD, FM/DAB, Internet Radio, MP3/iPod, Digital Audio Music Streams and USB: making it the most music box. NaimUniti 2’s Internet Radio player takes Internet Radio (iRadio) seriously, it’s not the afterthought that internet radio so often appears to be. It offers the listener a wealth of musical options, thousands of stations – narrowcasting at its finest – now easily accessible from a Hi-Fi component and available in Naim-quality sound. Also key is NaimUniti 2 ’s digital audio music streaming capabilities. NaimUniti 2 can wirelessly stream music stored on UPnP™ networked devices, providing access to even more music. With its onboard DAC, NaimUniti 2 becomes the ultimate audio source hub, able to interface with digital audio sources, such as computers and gaming consoles and the latest TV's.

   Option: n-Link - analog / control interconnect for iPod, NaimUniti 2$Call.

Naim Integrated Amps
NAIT5i-2 Four input integrated amplifier with iPod jack, 50 W / channel. $Call.
NAIT XS integrated amplifier 60W / channel. $Call.
SUPERNAIT Six input integrated amplifier with digital inputs, 80 W / channel. $Call.
Naim Power Amps
NAP150x 50 W / channel stereo power amplifier. $Call.
NAPV175 50 W x 3-channel AV power amplifier. $Call.
NAP200 70 W / channel stereo power amplifier. $Call.
NAPV145 80 W mono AV power amplifier. $Call.
NAP250-2 80 W / channel stereo power amplifier. $Call.
NAP300 + 300PS 90 W / channel dual-mono fan-cooled power amplifier with external supply. $Call.
NAP500 + 500PS 150 W / channel dual-mono fan-cooled reference power amplifier with 500PS external supply. $Call.
NaimNet Room Amps
Naim NNP02 NaimNet-enabled 90W stereo network room amplifier.  $Call.   info
Naim NNP01 NaimNet-enabled 110W stereo network room amplifier.  $Call.   info



Parasound makes tuners, pre-amplifiers, surround-sound processors, and amplifiers. The Parasound Model 2250 amplifier is pictured above.


Parasound Stereo Amplifiers


Simaudio Moon

Simaudio also makes digital components, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, surround processors, and power conditioners.

The MC-8 power amp is pictured above.


Simaudio Power Amplifiers
Simaudio Moon Evolution Series Amplifiers
Evolution MC-8/7 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 7 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.
Evolution MC-8/6 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 6 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.
Evolution MC-8/5 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 5 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.
Evolution MC-8/4 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 4 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.
Evolution MC-8/3 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 3 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.
Evolution MC-8/2 (220-240V only) Power Amplifier, 2 x 250W, RS-232 + 12V. $Pricing.

Spectral Audio

Founded in 1977, Spectral is one of the most respected names in high end audio today. Spectral Audio makes wide bandwidth, extremely fast, high resolution amplifiers. Notably their amplifiers use many smaller distributed power supplies, rather than only one large one. This approach allows Spectral to locate a power supply (capacitors, rectifiers, regulators, and secondary windings) closer to each FET output device. Spectral amplifiers have a very transparent sound, with excellent settling (the ability of the amplifier to stop the speaker after a transient).

Note: Whereas other Spectral Audio components (i.e. their preamplifiers and digital source components) may be used with any other brand of equipment, Spectral mandates that their non-Universal amplifiers be driven by a Spectral preamplifier to ensure reliable operation. Spectral Universal amplifiers however may be driven directly by any brand of preamp, D-A, or surround sound processor. In addition, Spectral amplifiers need to be used in conjunction with the proper Spectral-approved MIT interconnects and speaker cables. These usage guidelines are now a condition of Spectral's warranty on their amplifiers. There are several reasons for these guidelines:

  1. Because of their wide bandwidth, Spectral amplifiers can amplify high frequency signals in the MHz range at massive power levels. Therefore radio frequency noise must be kept out of the amplifier. The MIT interconnects contain RF protection, and Spectral preamplifiers are stable at these high frequencies.
  2. Unlike most all solid state preamps, Spectral preamplifiers are true discrete designs, are DC coupled, and can output the high current that the (non-Universal) Spectral power amps are designed to be driven by. Other brands of preamplifiers often use integrated circuits or other devices which may not be able to drive the amplifier properly. It is interesting to know that IC's (integrated circuits) simply cannot provide for high current output in a preamp design which utilizes them. Whereas a fully discrete Spectral preampfully discrete meaning no IC's in the signal pathcan provide on the order of 1 ampere of output current per channel!
  3. As part of their stability design, Spectral amplifiers are designed to be used with the type of output network found in the Spectral-approved MIT speaker cables. (You might be interested to know Spectral has found that by placing this network close to the load, i.e. the speaker, they can achieve superior results.)

What will happen if you don't follow these guidelines? Well, it's a probability thing. You may not encounter any problemsor you may encounter premature failure of some components in the amplifier. Or (worst case) your amplifier may suffer severe RF problems, and you will have to pay to have all the output devices replaced (which is expensive). Therefore, we highly recommend that you follow Spectral's operational and warranty guidelines for both peace of mind as well as highest performance and fidelity. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call us as 781-893-9000.

So why would anybody bother using an amplifier that needs such precise conditions to be operated properly?  Because for music lovers who value naturalness and linearity—for instance those who truly wish to hear what the musicians were playing in an acoustic space on a recordingSpectral offers an incredibly transparent window on recorded musical events. And for the many satisfied Spectral clients, nothing else meets their demanding criteria for emotional involvement with their music.

Spectral also makes digital components and pre-amplifiers.

Pricing on Spectral products is available by contacting us directly.

Spectral Power Amplifiers (which require being used with a Spectral preamplifier and certain specified models of MIT speaker cables)
Spectral DMA-240 - stereo power amplifier. $Call
Also see MIT Spectral speaker cables.
Spectral DMA-280 - stereo power amplifier. $Call
Also see MIT Spectral speaker cables.
Spectral DMA-300 Reference Standard - 225wpc stereo reference power amplifier. $Call
Also see MIT Spectral speaker cables.
Spectral DMA-400SV - 350wpc monaural power amplifier. Contains trickle-down technology from the DMA-500. $Call
Also see MIT Spectral speaker cables.
Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference - 350wpc monaural power amplifier. Spectral's "Super Amp" -- which must be heard to be believed! $Call
Also see MIT Spectral speaker cables.


Theta makes digital components, surround sound processors, and amplifiers. The Theta Dreadnaught III is available in black or silver (pictured at the left). You can find owner's manuals in pdf format here.



Theta Power Amplifiers.
Theta Citadel 1.5 monaural power amplifiers. $Call.
Left/Right book-matched design.
RS-232 control. $Call.
Second binding post set. (for passive biamping). $Call.
Theta Enterprise monaural power amplifiers. $Call.
Performance Configuration. $Call.
RS-232 control. $Call.
Second binding post set. (for passive biamping). $Call.
Theta Intrepid 5-channel 100 watt/channel amplifier. $Call.
Panel Grade Alloy Cover. $Call.
RS-232 control. $Call.
Rack Mount. $Call.
Theta Dreadnaught III configurable, modular 200 watt/channel amplifier.
Chassis: $Call.
Each channel (up to 5): $Call.
2-channel 100w/channel module. $Call. May be used to replace 200/channel module for additional channels.
Panel Grade Alloy Cover. $Call. if purchase separately; $Call. if purchased with original unit.
RS-232 control. $Call.
Rack Mount. $Call.